Slight Gains For Bitcoin And The Top 10

The straight into the wall crash from November 14 hasn’t yet faded away. The bear market is still raging on. Major cryptos saw a minor surge today but it was way short of a bull run.

Crypto today
Source: coin360.com

With market dominance of 52.2%, the king is down by 4.7% the weekly value. It opened with $3,549 and closed at $3,609, an up of 0.5%.

Market dominance of XRP kept at a steady 10.81% with 24 hour change of 0.45%. Closing USD price was $0.31.
XRP Chart
Still fighting for the third place, Ethereum gained 0.87% in the last 24 hours, a negligible amount when compared to the volatility cryptocurrency has witnessed in the last two years. Ethereum is in the third place with $800 million gap between XRP and itself in market capitalization.

The rest of the top went through the same slightly greenish runs through the day.

Top 10
Source: coinmarketcap.com

Recently, China released its latest government-sponsored rankings of major cryptocurrencies where surprisingly Bitcoin (BTC) didn’t get the top post. More of this release here.

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