Short Q&A With MobileGo to Get A Gist of the Project

There a lot of cryptocurrencies floating around on CoinMarketCap, and one of them is MobileGo. So what is MobileGo all about? In this saturated market, how MobileGo stands out in terms of its long-term vision? Which niche of the market is it targeting? In order to get a gist of the project, BlockPublisher got in touch with the project itself.

The following 3 questions give one a solid hint what the project is all about.

What is MobileGo’s long-term vision?

The MGO token has an extremely broad scope of application, providing numerous benefits for different types of potential audience. We are interested in supporting and developing the online gaming industry.

What products are present in the MobileGo ecosystem right now?

We always try not to stay still. There already have been some announcements, and new products will be announced soon, such as a new swap platform, upgraded GShare (a utility app generating GN Gold, a currency that will be used as a payment method both on Xsolla and inside our own ecosystem) and many others.

What is the project’s main focus right now?

We want to win a significant part of the crypto market by increasing the applicability of the MGO token and stimulate token usage.

MobileGo is, all in all, a blockchain-based project that wants to revolutionize how the global esports arena operates. It wants to give the online gaming community full control over its activities. It wants to maintain an ecosystem where players can use peer-to-peer blockchain technology to organize decentralized tournaments with no intervention from a third party. The MGO token is used in this ecosystem as the standard of currency so that in-game payments and purchases can be made more easily in a secure and transparent ecosystem.

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As evident from its long-term vision, it wants to change the online gaming industry through the usage of the revolutionary blockchain technology. The company is also aiming to make its ecosystem better with the introduction of new services and products. Right now the main focus of the company is to increase the applicability of the MGO token. The company is trying to expand its area of operation by partnering up with various gaming giants of the world. Now, the niche that the company has targeted is pretty interesting. With market saturation rising up, it remains to be seen how things turn out to be for MobileGo.
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