MobileGo’s Social Media Moderator Explains the MGO Token

The crypto market overall is booming at an exponential rate with each passing day. New crypto coins and tokens are erupting on the scene providing various facilities to the users. One of such token seen floating around in the crypto arena is MobileGo, indicated by MGO. MobileGo is essentially a blockchain-based platform that aims to revolutionize the Esports arena in the world. But how is the MGO token unique and different than the rest of the tokens seen nowadays? In order to get the answer to this question, BlockPublisher got in touch with the project.

Talking to BlockPublisher explaining the difference of MGO token from the rest, Alice, the project’s social media moderator stated:

It is used to create an ecosystem that will facilitate peer-to-peer matchplay and decentralized tournaments. MGO can be used as a tournament token, a gameplay modifier, a loyalty reward, a payment method for games or in-game purchases, etc.

Purchasing in between games has always been a procedure from which some people stay away. By the presence of a digital crypto token, payments are aimed to be made easier for gamers. The financial issues associated with Esports tournaments and games are also aimed to be made more easy. Adding on to her statements, Alice further added:

So basically, it is intended to give a solution to various issues of traditional tournaments.

MobileGo aims to incentivize the gamers to participate in Esports by rewarding them. The company is also trying to expand its global reach through partnerships with top gaming giants of the world. As it is a blockchain-based project, all the prospects that are offered by this technology are automatically associated with this token. Being on blockchain, the currency transcends the borders presented forward by countries and forms a global ecosystem.

MobileGo allows gamers to make p2p matchplay and decentralized tournaments eliminating the intervention of any third-party. The token holders also have the ability to earn discounts on in-game content purchasing in the MobileGo ecosystem.

Besides helping the gaming community, MobileGo also attracts the crypto enthusiasts as it has a market capitalization of around $46,130,220, and stands at $0.461302 USD (as per at the time of writing.

As time goes on, not all the cryptos currently present are expected to survive. The cryptos which are providing redundant services are expected to be wiped out. Only those crypto tokens and coins which present forward a strong use-case are expected to survive. MobileGo is one of such tokens which provide viable use-cases. Now, it remains to be seen how the MGO token survives the trials of time from here on.

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