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SatoWallet, A Blockchain Powered Crypto Transaction Protocol, Brings The New Jiff Trade Into The Mix, Informs The CEO SatoWallet, Sameul Ben

Samuel Ben, the chief executive officer for the Satowallet, leans towards the customers and the users of the platform, Satowallet, in order to draw conclusions what to include into the system as an update. Though one has to give it the due time and face resistance and criticism, the customer feedback is the ultimate route to take in order to bring beneficial updates and changes to a system. Satowallet is set to launch an all-in-one app which can be used in order to purchase the cryptos, store them and sell them whenever desired. Samuel Ben explains that the new application for the Satowallet is set to include the Jiff Trade which will majorly feature 5 fiats that we can deal crypto with. The company is seeking to build the due hype around their project and to inform the ever inquisitive crypto fan base. The Jiff Trade is set to operate in matter of seconds and will be a huge success given the exposure it will get once released. BlockPublisher got to enquired a Satowallet representative in order to get the head up over the their venture and about the release of the new project under constant examination.

We tend to lean towards the users’ take of our product and as per our CEO, we have designed the soon to be released application with utmost care right according to the feedbacks from the our loyal users. According to a careful record, 90% of the app design and features owe their existence to customer feedbacks as do some of the fix in the entire system.

Satowallet offers 40% dividend on a monthly basis in case a person hold the Satowallet Shares that the company has branded as SATOS. The CEO of Satowallet, Mr. Ben gives the power to the rightful owners, the users declaring the community as the ultimate king to whatever their product is. Samuel Ben gave out a statement similar to the one BlockPublisher managed to extract out of the representative.

At Satowallet , we love to listen to our users, and community is king.

The company is currently advertising its product and offers rewards to the people who spread the word and refer the platform to other users.

Satowallet new App comes with a unique referral link for each User, to invite their friends. We are allocating 1 BTC weekly to referrals and paid daily until the maximum threshold.

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