Reddit Cryptocurrency: Warren Buffett is an Unmitigated Fraud and Charlatan

From Max’s take on Warren Buffett to the confusion bestowed on the ripple community with Dan Morgan’s statement at the EU Parliament, the subreddits of top three cryptocurrencies were all active and enriched with very interesting updates.

Bitcoin (BTC)

  • American broadcaster and filmmaker, Timothy Maxwell Max Keiser hosts Keiser Report, a financial program. In very recent, he said that Warren Buffett exposed himself in his annual letter. Max regarded Buffett as an “unmitigated fraud and charlatan”. Moreover, he stated that bitcoin (BTC) will be replacing fiat and marking the end of charlatans like Warren Buffett.

  • Tim Draper’s take on bitcoin (BTC) floated over bitcoin subreddits. Tim explained that bitcoin (BTC) was the future and he is least likely to sell it because selling the future and for the past doesn’t make sense. He was regarding fiat as the past.
  • Not long ago, it was revealed that Fidelity Digital got the Bitcoin Lightning Torch and was looking to forward it someone else. Now, Fidelity Digital has passed the torch to the Harvard School Blockchain and Crypto Club.

Ethereum (ETH)

  • While the market keeps showing its unpredictable nature, the journey of the popularity of ethereum (ETH) continues. In latest, Eurex, a German stock exchange in Frankfurt run by Deutsche Börse, announced that it will introduce ethereum (ETH) to its platform along with other cryptocurrencies.

Ripple (XRP)

  • Head of regulatory relations Europe Ripple, Dan Morgan spoke at EU Parliament where blockchain in fintech was the topic under discussion. Dan’s statement that xRapid is commercially available but not live yet has caught the attention of ripple community. People are confused with Dan’s statement because in the past they were told that xRapid was live.

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