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Pompliano Brings Bitcoin Payment To Grocery Stores

The founder and partner at the Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompliano announces amending the Lightening Network on to the grocery store, Kroger’s system. Recently, the store halted accepting VISA payments in over 250 of its stores around the US. Word is that they halted operating under VISA protocol owing to the excessive network fees which Kroger seeks to avert. This has been brought to light by none other than Pompliano himself as he elaborated that the archaic system of Kroger has been putting too much financial strain over the store. He said;

“In case we can somehow connect with the leadership for the grocery store, Kroger, I guess Morgan Creek Digital team will reach out to them to install the Lightening Network for them. The store has reportedly has stopped accepting VISA payment in over 250 stores because of network fees. The network will provide for them the required protocols with much lesser a fee”.

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Pompliano, sure has his point clear when talking to BlockPublisher after he publicly announced the proposition too. This is a direct suggestion from the Morgan Creek Digital to help improve the overall system for Kroger fixing them up with the ‘Lightening Network’ as a method of payment. Lightening Network is a payment protocol that resides above the cryptocurrency powered by blockchain. This brings for the platform a swift and cheaper way of transactions which otherwise with VISA was costing Kroger a great deal. Bitcoin has recently incorporated in the very network as of December 2017 as has Litecoin.

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As per recent talks with Pomp, BlockPublisher has found out that he has been in touch with the Digital Team for Kroger. This might just spark out a brilliant partnership between the two entities which will be one up for the cryptos. Besides having a proposition for Kroger, Pomp also describes the Kroger crew as the most co-operative. He definitely considers that what he has proposed, they will be on board with that. The talks are in process and in case Pomp strikes a deal with the grocery store, the crypto applications will be brought to light. The ease of payment, cheaper rates and security protocols not able to be breached are the salient features of the network.

We are amidst talks with the Kroger Digital Team hoping to escalate a partnership. The crew has responded wonderfully to our proposition.

Kroger has several constituent stores that altogether give form to the grocery store chain. The queer thing is that the constituents have not stopped taking VISA payments at once, rather at different times. The Smith’s Food and Drug Stores division is said to stop accepting VISA payments starting April 13th while the Foods Co stores in California have already stopped the operations as of last August. The Smith’s stores are likely to continue intaking other forms of payments including the likes of major credit cards, and health savings account cards.

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Several crypto analysts think that this can be the tiny spark that can turn the bearish trends to extremely bullish as per the great application that it is. The founder of ANON is extremely confident that the next great bull run will initiate as Kroger partners up with the Morgan Creek Digital. Bearing the best of wishes for both Pomp and Morgan Creek Digital, he encourages the platform to successfully switch this on. He said;

And this is when the next bull run will begin.

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