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I’ve been listening to Jason Calacanis’s podcast, This Week in Startups (TWIST), for quite a long time. For those, who don’t know; Jason Calacanis is, as he says, ‘the best angel investor’ and he probably is the best with 7 unicorns in his portfolio that include Uber, Thumbtack, Robinhood etc for now. I believe the number of unicorns in his portfolio is going to be a lot more in coming few years.

If you’re an entrepreneur or you have anything to do with startups, you should be listening to his podcast. It is an immense value not only for founders but for angel investors too. TWIST gives the real insights into the startup culture of Silicon Valley and also into the angel/VC community. Also, Jason has authored an amazing book titled ‘Angel’ and the book also provides great value to both, the startup founders, as they can identify the ques to take while communicating with angel investors and as the book’s name suggests, it is a guide for people who want to get into the angel investing business. And below is a podcast where Jason reads one of the chapters of his upcoming book and just by listening/watching to it, you’ll defiantly understand the value i’m talking about.

So, where does Jason Calacanis fits in a post titled ‘Why You Should Absolutely Sign up For Pomp’s Off the Chain Newsletter’?

As i’ve mentioned earlier, i’m a regular listener to Jason’s podcast and follow him over Twitter too. Jason has always been very skeptical about blockchain startups and has called cryptocurrencies the ‘Chuck-e-Cheese Tokens’ with most of these crypto projects carrying no value. Back in December 2018, Jason tweeted:

Anthony Pompliano (Pomp) responded by inviting Jason on his (Pomp’s) podcast and the deal was closed when Pomp agreed to join Jason’s podcast instead. It was an interesting sales negotiation kinda conversation. Check it out.

In the blockchain space, everyone knows Pomp but this conversation between Pomp & Jason was the trigger that kept me looking forward to their podcast and on January 18, 2019, my phone buzzed with a notification of an episode of TWIST titled, ‘E895: News Roundtable: Anthony Pompliano & Mick Liubinskas: bitcoin up/down,..’ and i got so excited that finally, Jason & Pomp. ‘Wow, it’s going to be an amazing podcast. There would be some real amazing shit to be uncovered’ and I started listening to it. Check it out below:

It was one of the best podcasts from TWIST, specially for the people in crypto space and apart from why Pomp’s index fund doesn’t hold Ripple/XRP, Jason & Pomp’s agreement on ‘90% of crypto projects are garbage’ and how ‘just holding it’ as a store of value is the best use-case of bitcoin, I came to know about Pomp’s ‘Off the Chain’ newsletter.

Pomp also hosts a podcast ‘Off the Chain‘ where he invites founders/CEOs of blockchain projects and experts from the financial industry. His podcast is also full of great information around the blockchain technology, its adoption and regulations around the industry. For anyone new in this space, Pomp’s podcast is a good start.

All the benefits of podcasts apart, 60+ minute episode sometimes seem too much and that’s where Pomp’s ‘Off the Chain’ newsletter comes in. The daily newsletter comes with a select number of news stories, but stories that matter, along with Pomp’s insight about something in the crypto world. An example is the most recent newsletter about streaming payments where he writes;

The key takeaway for me throughout this thought exercise has been (1) that the technology is now available for streaming payments, (2) there are a few evolutionary applications of streaming payments to Web 2.0 companies/products, and (3) the revolutionary ideas are non-obvious and fairly unexplored. These new business models or applications of streaming payments feel important and disruptive though.

Then there’s one for crypto fund managers;

There is a lot of work to be done by crypto fund managers in order to attract large institutional investors. We need more seasoned investment professionals who understand the requirements of these capital allocators. We need more time to educate and demystify the technology and opportunities. And most importantly, we need more funds showing multi-year track records filled with attractive profits.

And then there’s the ‘crypto capital crunch’ where he writes;

During the bull run of 2017, most entrepreneurs couldn’t walk down the street without falling into money. Everyone wanted to invest in the next project or company that was going to 10x. Everything seemed to be going up and to the right. And when there is easy money floating around, everyone thinks they can build companies.

The reality is that building a company is really hard. There will be highs and lows. Good days and bad. But the real entrepreneurs persist, regardless of the market conditions. Unfortunately, we are seeing this narrative tested in real time.

Now these’re some reality checks that Pomp has listed in his newsletters and that’s the similarity between Pomp & Jason. They’re both candid and honest in their feedback & opinions. I think Pomp probably will become the Jason Calacanis of the crypto verse, helping startups change the world. But before than happens; Just like a 60+ minutes podcast, reading a whole newsletter along with a brief of 10 different news reports might also not work for some people and that’s where Pomp’s newest newsletter format appears; the ‘Daily Podcast’ where he sends out an audio of around 6 minutes each evening, covering all the interesting news of that day from the crypto world.

These are some crisp 6 minutes of engagement and if you’re doing something in the crypto world, you understand the value these 6 minutes can add.

Now, the call of action; as the title is ‘Why You Should Absolutely Sign up For Pomp’s Off the Chain, Newsletter’?, visit Off the Chain Substack and hit ‘subscribe’. Read, share and think of means to add value to the blockchain & crypto world.

Also, don’t forget to subscribe to ‘This Week in Startups (TWIST)‘. Jason Calacanis is the ultimate mentor you can have. I personally cannot thank him enough for the value he has been adding to the startup world. JCAL, you’re the best! and it would be great if you can also do something like ‘Daily Dose of Entrepreneurship’, a few minutes audio message to help founders keep the flow and remain motivated with what they’re doing.

Waqqas Alvi

Founder of BlockPublisher, Waqqas shares his opinions about the blockchain world and startups that are fueling it. Email: waqqas@blockpublisher.com

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