Of Escobar’s and Wright’s – The Curious Case of Bitcoin Trademark

The trademark for bitcoin has been circled up with some fair share of controversy in recent times. The most recent news relates the trademark to Dr. Craig S. Wright, who just got it to his name without a contest from the previous owner. In fact, the person that have been linked to the owner of bitcoin trademark belonged to none other than the famous Escobar family. Though, Escobar Inc. did not own the trademark directly, a linking UK company, Coin Legal Ltd did and the signatory over the ownership document was Roberto de Jesús Escobar Gaviria.

The Bitcoin Trademark Document

The document 88055293 in the records of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, clearly shows that the ownership before Craig Wright belonged to Coin Legal Ltd, a company registered in U.K. The director for the company Olof Kyros Gustafsson, also happens to act as the CEO for the drug founded Escobar Inc.

The signature information shows that the founder for the U.K. company was Roberto himself, posing as the founder of the U.K based company but his data was nowhere to be found in the U.K company database.

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In fact, the trademark was registered to a U.K company, having links to Escobar Inc. points to drug money running through its system. Interestingly, Coin Legal Ltd was founded in 2018, with the lead being the director Olof Kyros Gustafsson who, as aforementioned, also happens to work as the CEO for Escobar Inc. as per his twitter bio, “Investor, Philanthropist. CEO of Escobar Inc.” The situation at hands seems like the entire plot has been orchestrated so as to obtain the trademark. A company was formed in 2018 and bore the ownership of the trademark up until Wright jumped in.

Was Money-Laundering in the Works?

Roberto Escobar is the brother of the renowned Colombian drug-lord, Pablo Escobar. The drug empire has been put down to the ground but the company Escobar Inc. was established in order to keep a hold over what’s left of the empire. The U.K company filed an application just one month after it was formed which is interestingly related to the drug money. Analysts have previously said that Escobar Inc. was originally formed to launder the drug money that Pablo Escobar himself made.

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Coin Legal jumped in, out of the blue and acquired the trademarks rights for bitcoin just after a short interval of time, raised several red flags. This does hint at the suspicion that the company was managing to acquire the trademark ownership for bitcoin and use it to launder its dirty money. The Escobar drug empire was one of the greatest as it expanded out to Miami, selling the biggest amount of cocaine, any drug empire has ever sold.

The money Pablo Escobar made would be sufficient for decades to come and Escobar Inc. has been allegedly turning that money white. Though, this is a long shot, there might be a chance that Roberto Escobar went on to claim the bitcoin trademark so as to dump in drug money into the stream. That would let them access money anywhere in the world and for them to use freely.

Inclusion of Craig S. Wright into the mix

Dr. Craig S. Wright has gathered a great deal of controversy when he turned up to the scene as self proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto. But the controversy started when he claimed the bitcoin trademark, which had been the property of Coin Legal Ltd. for a little amount of time. Wright, back in November 2018, filed his own claim for the trademark. A document was prepared to be sent to the previous owner, Coin Legal Ltd. in order to contend for the trademark rights and submit a response. The document had the following words,

To avoid abandonment of applicant’s trademark application, the USPTO must receive applicant’s complete response to this letter within 6 months of the issue/mailing date below.

The U.S Trademark and Patent Office allowed 6 months to Coin Legal Ltd. The fishy part about it is that there was no response from the U.K company, so as to provide word that they own the trademark. This downright took bitcoin SV to heights and pushed its price to increase 125%. Meanwhile, Coin Legal Ltd. gave out no response over their ownership of the trademark leaving the mystery unsolved.

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Dr. Craig S. Wright had it all figured out for him. He managed to acquire the bitcoin trademark not only had bitcoin in mind, but bitcoin being the pioneer, Wright wanted to own the concept of crpytos.

Cryptocurrency, namely, providing a digital currency or digital token for use by members of an on-line community via a global computer network; Cryptocurrency, namely, a digital currency or digital token, incorporating cryptographic protocols, used to operate and build applications and blockchains on a decentralized computer platform and as a method of payment for goods and services.

The Escobar influence has been lifted off but there has been no response from U.K company thus far that can shatter Craig Wright’s claim that he is the only person, claiming bitcoin trademark.

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