Nexus’s Long-Term Vision and What Makes it Stand Out? Explains UK Director of the Project

Among a plethora of different crypto platforms that are seen today, one project that manages to stand out is Nexus. Nexus is different than the other such crypto projects in many aspects. Unlike most of the traditional projects, Nexus employs a 3-dimensional framework of operation at its core. Instead of having a blockchain network in a 2D plane, Nexus goes 3D. The issue of scalability is handled exceptionally well as a result of this organization. It also uses communication satellites in its workflow to form a comprehensive decentralized network so that the platform does not have to rely on traditional internet services.

BlockPublisher got in touch with Alex El-Nemer, who is the project’s UK Director as he gave us more detailed information regarding this intriguing project. Alex is part of the global development team for Nexus. Following is the Q&A session with Alex that completely explains the workflow of this project in detail.

What is Nexus’s long-term vision?

Nexus’s vision is to empower everyone globally through technology and freedom. Combining blockchain and satellite systems we can create a new global economy that allows everyone to take control of their data and financial situation.

What makes it different than the rest?

There are so many ways but it comes down to a few main things.

1. Speed scalability and security. These for us are givens. The 3DC allows for increased scalability where the sky’s the limit on transaction speed. Quantum key management allows for heightened security (much more than this but that’s the summary).

2. Ease of integration. The way the tritium stack is built integrating with Nexus is simple and allows an easy plug and play system. Businesses will just access the blockchain through public APIs which allow them to make any developer into a blockchain specialist.

3. Humanitarian philosophy. The truest distributed nature of the project means that the ultimate goal of empowerment guides everything we do.

What’s your target audience? Everyday user or businesses?

It’s both in the long run. Right now my focus is business adoption as I believe that the more businesses you have in the Nexus ecosystem the quicker mass adoption will be. Once the businesses are working with it consumers will be much more inclined to be involved. Eventually, we believe this will the global currency.

So, instead of having one blockchain, you have replicated multiple in parallel. And hence improved scalability?

Exactly. It all remains on-chain so to speak. Thus it’s not like lightning network that can be much like the banking systems. So it’s significantly more secure and also greater scalability. If you’re interested I can send you the whitepaper which explains it further. It’s an incredible concept.

Why is Nexus using satellites in its framework? What’s the purpose behind it?

The satellite deployment is the cherry on the top. To provide a truly decentralized network we can no longer rely on traditional internet infrastructure. The satellite network allows for a distributed model that has genuine peer to peer access with no central authority.

The employment of satellites and usage of 3-dimensional blockchain technology certainly makes Nexus stand out among this saturated market of cryptos. It will be interesting to see how things turn out for this project in the future.

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