Nexus’ Global Development Team Member Shares His Thoughts About Blockchain and Crypto

Out of all the crypto projects that are floating around, Nexus manages to stand out with the vision that it is pursuing.  Instead of using a blockchain network in a 2D plane, Nexus goes 3D. Blockchain is erupting out as the technology of the future with each passing day. It essentially lays the entire groundwork for the entire world of cryptocurrencies. But where are we headed from here on? How things are expected to pan out for this world of blockchain and crypto? In order to get a perspective from someone who is actually involved in the development of this nascent world, BlockPublisher asked Alex El-Nemer, who is a part of the Nexus’ global development team and is the project’s Director for UK, a few questions.

Talking about blockchain and the future, Alex stated:

I believe that blockchain will play an absolutely essential part in the technological future. I’m of the opinion that Blockchain, AI and Space will be the future innovations defining the next 100 years. And Nexus is involved heavily in all of them – obviously the blockchain being the foundation for us.

The prospects that are offered by the blockchain technology cannot be denied at all. Blockchain can prove to be revolutionary in any industry that is centralized. The need for a central controlling authority is completely eliminated from the picture through its usage. A secure, anonymous and transparent fabric of operation is provided to the users through this technology which is essentially what makes it stand out. Nexus, on the other hand, is further improving this technology by employing a 3-dimensional fabric of operation instead of the traditional 2D. The issue of scalability is efficiently handled as a result of this 3D framework and it certainly makes Nexus a project to look out for in the long run.

Further talking about the aspect of cryptos replacing fiat, Alex stated:

I do think crypto’s will replace fiat eventually. I think it will take some time but I can see a very possible future with a global currency.

As implied by Alex, the need for a global currency is certainly genuine. There will come a time when normal everyday users and international organizations will look forward towards the usage of a global currency in order to bypass the limitations offered by the local currencies. Although there are a lot of issues associated with the world of cryptos as of yet, there is a strong possibility that they will go mainstream in the global financial market sometime in the future.

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