Lead Community Developer at Nuls Shares His Views About Blockchain and Crypto

Nuls is a blockchain platform that aims to revolutionize the world of business and enterprise by making the usability of this nascent technology more easier. Unlike the usual Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanisms, it employs the Proof-of-Credit algorithm (PoC) at its core. PoC helps maintain a healthy and secure ecosystem overall.

Recently, BlockPublisher got in touch with Moshe Malawach, who is the lead community developer at Nuls. Moshe has made serious contributions to the platform in form of its Block Explorer and light wallet in a very short amount of time. Talking to BlockPublisher Moshe shared his overall views about blockchain and crypto stating:

The blockchain technology is ground breaking, but still in its infancy. And what we have now is likely to change in the coming years. We need to grow from a niche market into a mainstream technology that will be added to the toolchain that any company has on hand for new projects and solutions. This is the real challenge we will have to face (and are already doing with our great partners like MC Payments). At NULS we are doing our best to become the building framework of this revolution.

Moshe pointed out that the blockchain technology is still in its early phase of development. As we see today there are a lot of limitations that are associated with this technology, such as scalability. More and more developments are being made each day to make the technology better by various platforms. Moshe suggested that there is a need to make blockchain more mainstream and it should be something through which different companies are able to solve their problems. The technology needs to become a tool that various companies and industries are able to use easily.

Adding on to his statements, Moshe stated:

The “crypto” tokens price will follow real-world adoption, unless we re-start a speculative mode. If it’s the case I’d like to see it more based on real-world usage this time, so prices can stay afloat waiting on the real value to come.

Moshe suggested that the prices of crypto tokens depend upon their adoption in the real world. This is quite self-explanatory as those tokens which do not provide the users with a particular value or service in the real world are not likely to survive as we move forward in time and the market saturates.

Although it is quite evident that the blockchain and crypto world is still pretty young, the prospects that are offered by it are very promising. Once refinements are made in this technology with more and more industries adopting it for problem-solving, the entire global industrial framework can be revamped, and this is exactly what is targeted by most of the crypto projects of today.

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