CEO of Nuls Elaborates the Long-Term Vision Behind the Platform

Nuls is a blockchain project aimed at revolutionizing the world of business and enterprise by making the usage of blockchain easier for everyone. But as we see today, there are more than 2000 crypto projects floating around on CoinMarketCap. So how is Nuls any different? What is the long-term vision behind it?

In order to get to know the answers to these questions regarding this intriguing project, BlockPublisher got in touch with the Chief Executive Officer of Nuls, Liesa Huang. Regarding the project’s long-term vision, Liesa stated:

The long-term vision of NULS has always remained unchanged: to make blockchain as simple as possible. All things we did and will be doing in the future are going to move toward this vision. We want to eliminate technological obstacles and enable customized blockchain configurations. I truly believe that the “open” mind lies at the center of the blockchain world. I love talking to people who are willing to make blockchain more relevant, and likewise, NULS is always open and easy to get along with.

There are a lot of complexities that are involved with the blockchain world at the moment. There is a specific set of problems that can be solved using this technology as of yet. Nuls aims to expand the area of operation of this technology by making it more easier and customizable for everyone.

Adding on to her statements, Liesa stated:

Why do we insist that NULS be open-sourced? Our core team could control the things developed by ourselves but that would not be decentralized, and it doesn’t represent t the spirit with which blokchain was invented. Closed-source would mean no participation from the community, no possibility of self-evolution or self-iteration. This open mind runs through every aspect of NULS. We’re building a truly international project, with a solid commercial team, led by our amazing community, not just the NULS team. As of right now, the NULS project is still in the very early stage. However, we’re still pushing the mechanisms such as the community governance, the technical community, etc.

Nuls is a project that gives the much-deserved importance to its community as well. Keeping itself open-source, the project gives its community the opportunity to make it better, staying true to the spirit of the blockchain technology that is decentralization.

Liesa summed up her statements by saying:

All for the final goal of a self-functioning NULS ecosystem. I believe an open community is what truly makes the NULS project powerful and that is going to catalyze the process of blockchain entering people’s daily life.

With its aim of making blockchain easier and usable for a variety of problems, it remains to be seen how things pan out for this project in the future.

Nuls uses a modified version of the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm at its core named the Proof-of-Credit (PoC). It also employs side-chains to tackle the issue of scalability. These are some of the few things that make it stand out from the rest. And as we move forward, only those crypto-projects are expected to survive that are different and provide viable solutions to different problems. There is no place for redundancy in the crypto arena.

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