Justin Tether from Linda Coin Discusses Linda’s Products

Linda Coin is an everyday utility cryptocurrency that has been majorly focused as a payment gateway since its inception. However, the set narrative about the coin is being made to change which suggests of an increment in its use cases. That is certainly the case with its line of products, which inherently provide ease of access to cryptos while aiding master nodes and staking mechanisms.

Currently, the Linda Project carries three products on its platform. The one leading the line is, which is a user friendly cryptocurrency service that allows users to run their personalized, fully independent nodes for proof of stake and proof of work protocols. Following it is, that is a trusted pool for staking and masternoding Linda and USX coins. The last and the newest is the Linda X project, which is facilitating vetted enterprises, partnerships, LLCs, and corporations to engage and participate as active contributors to the finance space. Discussing Linda products with BlockPublisher was Director Linda Support and Solutions, Justin Tether, who shared the ideation behind these products. He said:

We created a couple products that are working today, those are and — Our thoughts are that we must make crypto something easily attained and used, and that extends to ALL aspects of the currency, not just sending and recieving.

About Linda X, he clarified that it is not much different to Linda Coin, but is based on a separate chain.

Well, they’re two separate coins/chains [ Linda Coin and Linda X] but we’ve linked them by only having pairs available from Linda <-> LindaX

The MyStakingWallet platform is Linda’s main application, which also has a wallet enabled for various cryptocurrencies, which include Linda, Shard, USX, Electra, CoIX among others. Users can also add up to 4 coins per server, which further enhances application of the platform already inherent on both Google and Apple app stores. Justin explained the product and its goal further as:

MSW is our flagship app, a multi coin staking and MN enabled wallet application available on both Google and Apple app stores, our goal with MSW was simply to help bring both MN’s and Staking in general to anyone with a phone.

Linda Project is working in its capacity, both technical and user based, to innovate technology and provide maximum adoption of cryptocurrencies. The Linda Coin, although not yet inherent to the most major crypto exchanges, does make a mark on exchanges like, IDAX and BitFlip. Its decentralized utility features, hot swaps, stealth transactions and desktop enabled wallet applications are only a testament to its work for blockchain development and cryptocurrency adoption.

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