Justin Tether Explains Vision Behind Linda Coin

Linda Coin is most famously known as a utility payment system for usage in daily life transactions. It is, however, looking to do more than that and that can be seen from their road map. Conjuring constant updates and having removed proof of work altogether from the network, Linda Coin believes that both payment utilities and other applications need to be implemented for a cryptocurrency coin to be taken seriously.

Director of support and solutions Justin Tether continued his conversation with BlockPublisher, discussing the vision behind Linda Coin and added the newly established aims for the platform. He reported that the Linda Project team has worked from ground up and started off without a real vision. Since then, they’ve been at a constant learning curve and have established SOPs about how cryptocurrencies have to be governed. He stated:

Well Linda itself is a crypto that was started by a different team without a vision. Since we took over we’ve worked very hard to completely upgrade and change it’s core to be more aligned with how we believe crypto’s should run.

Justin continued to talk about the newest update coming out in which they’ve tweaked the very base of the platform.

We’ve upgraded its’ base heavily and our newest update rolling out soon will put us up to bitcoin 0.8.2 in terms of our base structure.

In the newer terms of focus, Linda Coin aims to establish itself as more than just a payment utility. Admittedly, it has to fight its established image as a strict payment coin but Justin reported of how the team knows how a lot of other things matter most in the long term sustainability of the coin and the mass market. He said:

Linda coin itself isn’t being focused towards being a strictly payment coin, although we believe that payment gateways and options are not just a need but a requirement for a crypto currency to be taken seriously.

In moving on from being a payment option, Linda Coin has developed a few products which cater to a different technical capability, each. For example there are Linda platforms such as MyNodePool.com and MyStakingWallet, which are powered by Linda. Justin believes that there can still more be done and Linda Coin can step in and help the mass market, as well as its own continued sustainance. He finished by saying:

There are many other things that need much better focusing in order for long term crypto to permiate the mass market, and that’s where we believe we can step in and help

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