Institutions Will Favor Cryptos in 2020 Recession, Claims Joseph Young While Others Back Opinion

Prominent crypto analysts have been seen to be bullish about the future prospects of Bitcoin and have apparently joined hands in claiming that by 2020, cryptos will become the favored currency in world finance. Leading this opinion, is Hong Kong based finance and cryptocurrency analyst, Joseph Young, who believes that come the next version of the 2008 recession, cryptocurencies will be the only financial stability at offer for institutions.

Joseph shared his opinion via twitter. He said:

Joseph also posted a detailed analysis of his point of view in a blog post, where he based his argument on renowned economist Nouriel Roubini’s thought that the 2020 financial recession in the US market will be worse than the 2008 episode. Joseph added to Nouriel’s message that cryptos will be the only alternative store of value and asset class available in that scenario. He wrote:

Already, driven by the efforts of Coinbase, BitGo, Goldman Sachs, and many other companies in the finance sector to develop trusted custody solutions around cryptocurrencies, institutions have started to take interest in committing to the asset class.

The emergence of the next financial crisis will only speed up the rate at which funds from the traditional finance market flow into the crypto sector.

Young’s statements have been backed on social media by other prominent crypto personnel like Morgan Creek Digital founder Anthony Pompliano and famous crypto analyst Ran NeuNer. This public backing suggests that cryptocurrency gurus are in a consensus regarding a strong future of cryptos, especially Bitcoin.

NeuNer took to Twitter to show his support to Young and branded BTC as the ”new gold” while seemingly welcoming the predicted 2020 financial hit. He tweeted:

Pompliano also posted Joseph’s piece on his Twitter feed along with a strong prediction of the institutional financial future. He tweeted:

Earlier today, Pompliano also spoke of his own campaign that got underway with the slogan #GetOffZero. Pompliano explained while talking to BlockPublisher that the campaign was aimed at providing institutions with greater exposure to cryptos, as they will, according to him, come under increased pressure if they have 0% exposure to digital assets. He said:

Every institution needs to #GetOffZero and gain exposure to digital assets. Having no exposure to the asset class is ridiculous and I would argue a violation of their fiduciary duty.

Razi Khan

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