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Anthony Pompliano Rampant as He Launches #GetOffZero Campaign

Morgan Creek Digital founder and partner Anthony Pompliano has set up a new campaign to get institutions to get exposed to cryptocurrencies and digital assets. This campaign is being spread via hashtag #GetOffZero on social media and Pompliano is quite hyped up about its prospects. The basis for setting up this campaign is to move a step closer to the inevitable mainstream adoption and takeover of digital forms of assets, starting with inculcating exposure about it to institutions.

Pompliano, who has been at the forefront of this campaign with his investment firm Morgan Creek Digital, believes that it is imperative for all institutions to become familiar with digital assets and there seems to be no other way about it for him. He suggested, while talking to BlockPublisher, that organizations who shun exposure to cryptos are doing so against their fiduciary duty and branded it “ridiculous”. He said:

Every institution needs to #GetOffZero and gain exposure to digital assets. Having no exposure to the asset class is ridiculous and I would argue a violation of their fiduciary duty.

The financial investment giant Morgan Creek Digital has also been involved in the making and spread of #GetOffZero. Pompliano, earlier today, posted a list of partners involved in working with Morgan Creek Digital on the campaign while also sharing anticipation of a big week ahead. He tweeted:

As the name suggests, #GetOffZero is a series of activities to get institutions and investors familiarized with the rather new digital class of assets. This, in Pompliano’s viewpoint is absolutely necessary for organizations of all kinds. Else, they risk getting left behind and coming under intense pressure in the coming years when Bitcoin and other digital forms of assets, as anticipated, become universal.

He shared these thoughts in another post yesterday, where he claimed that digital assets ensure best returns per unit of risk. He said:

The role of regulatory authorities and institutions is apparently absent in this regard while Pompliano and his partners seem to have taken matters into their own hands. Anthony Pompliano did not reply when asked if regulatory bodies and governments could play a better role to provide exposure to digital assets before granting imminent acceptance of any sorts.

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