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Indian Crypto Exchange, WazirX Lists Crypto Platform Holochain Over USDT Market

WazirX, founded by Nischal who also works as the chief executive officer, has been set to list various crypto platforms, conducting a vote over the social media to pick out the coin to list as of the moment. Nischal has been previously sensed as a person seeking major revolutionary amendments in the Indian financial system. India has never been exposed to such high stakes as the Supreme Court is to give out a verdict over a crypto related matter. WazirX seeks to enhance to strengthen its roots. The end of the voting resulted in WazirX folks handing the victory to Holochain, listing it in the process.

We’re planning to list Banca_Official, holochain & NOAHCOIN_Proj on our USDT market.

WazirX is a cryptocurrency exchange promoting the use of bitcoin throughout the Indian nation as its founder and the chief executive officer, Nischal strives to get crypto additions approved in the strongest of manners. The platform that WazirX intends to list are namely, the Banca Official, Holochain and NoahCoin. The Banca Official is a cryptocurrency platform focusing majorly over artificial intelligence and Big Data. Holochain is an ecosystem of decentralized applications with distributed, user-controlled storage which is eventually cheaper, faster and better than ordinary, traditional blockchain. NoahCoin is another cryptocurrency token which the company strives to regulate on a the trivial of matters i.e. even the slightest of transactions must be performed via the very coin. Holochain consequently secured the position as being elected the crypto platform, the public wants to br listed over WazirX.

The majority has spoken! Holochain (HOT) now listed on our USDT Market!

The founder of WazirX keeping a rather low profile just focuses on turning India the crypto nation as soon as possible. Recently, France has been under quite a roll as they jump in into the crypto pool as a nation for the very first time. He (Nischal) has to say the following about France as they accept initial coin offerings,

France is formally adopting ICOs by bringing in regulations to help both investors and entrepreneurs. France is gearing up to be a crypto nation. When is India’s turn?

Though the Indian Supreme Court has yet to announce a verdict over the crypto case that has been dragged on for quite some days now. This trend is the exact reason as the founder of WazirX puts it, that leaves crypto open for the bad eye of the people never to be admitted as the sole worthy value unit. Talking to BlockPublisher, the following is the statement the personality under consideration has to say about the delayed verdict of the Indian Supreme Court.

Matter Adjourned for Tomorrow. It’s September as I speak and the Indian Supreme Court was supposed to produce some valid decision long before. The matter has been dragged quite in the mud as of yet.

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