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Crypto Needs One Positive Milestone, Says the Founder of WazirX

The founder and the chief executive officer of an Indian cryptocurrency exchange, WazirX reckons that the cryptocurrency platform is awaiting just a one checkpoint to come its way in order to be branded as the global digital asset network. Nischal, being the name, further describes the analogy of a traditional success roadmap that though one faces innumerable adversaries on his way to eventual glory, failures only pave the way to the ultimate aim.

The thing about new technology is that a 100 things can go wrong for it but it just needs one good thing to help it reach mass adoption. Example in crypto
1. A large stock exchange listing it
2. US officially regulating it
3. Facebook adoption
One +ve indicator is all it needs.

Nischal also founded Crowdfire serving as its chief executive officer; Crowdfire is a social media management portal that suggests and curates social media for personalities and other users alike. Serving as the chief executive officer for two ventures, one being a nation-wide platform WazirX (a peer-to-peer protocol), Nischal describes technology as a rather queer progeny of the new era; strange in ways that amidst major controversies and critical reviews, technology needs a single major hit before it can claim mass adoption.

Nischal has mentioned possible milestones, regarding them as the gateway for crypto towards mass adoption. Cryptocurrency, is awaiting a large stock exchange to get listed over, in order to hit a mass adoption strike. But there is not a single way crypto can be hailed as a global asset all around the globe. Any major nation or firm accepting crypto can also ignite the will inside the folks to consider turning to cryptocurrencies. Nischal, talking to BlockPublisher, has displayed his intentions of rendering India, a crypto friendly nation as well in order to step on to the path leading to crypto mass adoption.

Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are two more countries that have gone all positive on cryptocurrency recently. In fact, in Uzbekistan, cryptocurrency trading has been made tax free! Waiting for India!

Though many nations, most likely second world countries have been quite open about accepting cryptocurrencies, the need of the hour is to hear crypto acceptance from a major powerful nation, like the United States of America. This, once accomplished can instantly boost the crypto wants throughout the globe as many see US as the financial standard bearer for the juggernaut that Wall Street is.

Recently the Indian Supreme Court has budged its head towards crypto, set to announce its verdict about the Banking resumes versus the P2P protocols to conduct financial matters. As we witness another crypto issue being suspended in mid-air, Nischal regards this matter another blow to which could have been the key to eventual crypto regulation all over India.

Nischal awaited the case to come to a pleasant culmination but rather it is being dragged and one might regard it as, being dragged in the mud for quite sometime. Whatever might be the reason for high authorities hesitant to allowing any sort of crypto milestones to realize, one thing is for sure as the founder of the two ventures, WazirX and Crowdfire certainly plays his role in promoting not only bitcoin but each and every altcoin all across the massive land that is India.

Note: the story was updated to add correct link to Crowdfire.

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