Winter is Coming for Crypto Says BitcoinZ

BitcoinZ (named as the Bitcoin 2.0), claiming to be an improved version of the genesis bitcoin confirms that many cryptocurrencies are set to face their untimely demise in the near future. The statement refers to the context that crypto analysts and thinkers have foreseen a massive extinction event for the majority of cryptocurrencies. BitcoinZ further describes a single characteristic that can save a crypto platform from being wiped out of existence i.e a consistent team that defies to be terminated altogether would eventually make it to the far side of the tunnel where the light is showing.

The entire world has witnessed the advent of crypto with bitcoin emerging as the standard bearer. But with it, came an immense number of similar projects, some of which can surely be counted as major improvements to the original framework of bitcoin. BitcoinZ folks regards welcoming in more cryptocurrencies as this can steal away the monopoly from the bigger manipulating party in the crypto business which is a good omen.

No monopoly is good.

The representative elaborated over having a few cryptos around that this can yield us more innovation and hence a much healthier system which can work for the greater good. Reaching the necessary bound can divide the traffic the newer trend has been getting lately, but as BitcoinZ suggests, we have gone far ahead of the bound. Many companies have come in to put their flag over crypto market announcing their own cryptocurrency which have been ploughing the crypto field too harsh. BitcoinZ stated,

having a few cryptos currencies is a good thing, not just one, keeps the innovation and provides a more robust system. I agree tho that there are probably too many crypto currencies right now. Which ones will last?

With crypto enthusiasts and analysts talking about the crypto mass extinction, BitcoinZ did not turn away from accepting the harsh truth that it indeed is upon us. A day would come when for the majority of cryptos the graphs will go crashing down leaving them with nothing urging them to eventually shut down. They will surely have to devise applicable mechanisms so as to cater for the current users they will have at the time of their demise.

Nevertheless, BitcoinZ turns our focus to the lucky survivors who are going to have the crypto playground, all for themselves as the dust settles down. The lucky crypto are going to be the ones backed by a strong passionate, real and diligent group of workers who stay defiant when times try to warp their product with it. The BitcoinZ representative confirms the ultimate apocalypse as following,

I think it’s coming. Cryptos with actual teams behind them will have a better chance of surviving.

Is BitcoinZ going to be the one amongst the survivors of the massacre that we are going to witness soon enough? Are they equipped with the necessary tools to fight off the crypto apocalypse? If they survive, would they be able to fight afterwards to get to the top? They leave us with the mystery to solve until the time comes.

Mohammad Shazil

A Riverside, CA born Electrical Engineer who bears the passion to write over every happening around. A crypto zealot. Shazil is the sub-editor of BlockPublisher news. Contact the editor at editor.news@blockpublisher.com

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