How is the Nuls Token Different Than the Rest? Explains CEO

As we see today, there are a lot of crypto projects roaming around on CoinMarketCap. More than 2000+ coins and tokens are lingering around and most of the tokens are providing redundant services. As the market saturates, it is not likely that all the projects providing redundant services will survive. The difference in the use-case and service will most likely separate a token from those who won’t survive the trials of time, and the token that we are analyzing today is Nuls.

Nuls is a project that aims to change the world of enterprise and business through the employment of the revolutionary blockchain technology. It presents forwards a modular framework to businesses where companies can have their own side chains. It employs Proof-of-Credit algorithm at its core which is a modified version of the PoS that aims to maintain an overall healthy ecosystem. At the time of writing, Nuls is ranked at 119 on CoinMarketCap. To an outside crypto user, it just seems like another altcoin. So how is it any different?

In order to get an answer to this question, BlockPublisher got in touch with Liesa Huang, the Chief Executive Officer of the Nuls platform.

Explaining the difference of the Nuls tokens, Liesa stated:

For now, I would say NULS is categorized as a utility token, fueling gas for the entire NULS system. However, this doesn’t mean NULS is “just another” altcoin you see on the very long list of any exchange. What really sets NULS apart from other tokens is our open ecosystem. The NULS tokens is showing the world how confident our community and investors are for the future of the NULS project. Moreover, our community members aren’t merely investors who care of nothing but price, many of them are passionate about the great changes which NULS and the blockchain technology are going to provide this world with. The NULS strategic and ecological partners are all certain that NULS has the ability to make the world more efficient, so they chose NULS over other blockchain projects.

Liesa put emphasis on the open nature that the platform provides. Nuls has an open ecosystem and the participation from the community is very much appreciated in the ecosystem. Nuls gives its community the attention that should be given to it.

All in all, with its modular framework and PoC, Nuls is one project to watch out for in the long-run.

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