Here’s Where Blockchain Might Not Prove to be Much Useful

Blockchain is erupting out as the technology of the future as developments are being made in this area at a very rapid pace. A lot of capital is flowing into this world. More and more use-cases of this tech are being explored with each passing day. Blockchain is being hailed as ‘the new internet’ by many of its proponents. The decentralization aspect provided by blockchain surely can help revamp a lot of centralized industrial and governmental frameworks, but there are some sectors that might just be better off without blockchain due to certain limitations.

Ex-Chief Technology Officer for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Marina Nitze, recently got in touch with BlockPublisher as she expressed her thoughts regarding where blockchain might not prove to be very beneficial. Elaborating on how the public sector is NOT an area that can benefit from blockchain, Marina said:

Beyond the fact that most public sector technology is aging infrastructure and paper, which do not readily translate to blockchain, there is no surrounding infrastructure or skillset within government or the contracting  community to responsibly build and maintain blockchain systems. Instead, the public sector should focus on minimum-viable, readily-maintainable technology solutions like shared spreadsheets and Postgres databases, and put a lot more energy into business process redesign to better leverage the technology already at hand.

Blockchain systems as of now seem to be very expensive and taxing to use. It has just been over a decade since bitcoin, a killer use-case of the blockchain technology, erupted out on the financial scene. There are still a lot of shortcomings associated with this technology in terms of scalability and cheap deployment. The blockchain world is still pretty young.

Shifting the entire public sector operational workflow on blockchain might prove to be a bit difficult. Most of the currently existing public records are in paper form and the existing technologies are not seemingly being used at their full potential in this arena. Before coming to the deployment of a complex technology like blockchain, the need of the hour should be to get the public sector departments at speed with the currently available digital tools.

Besides, not everything needs to be decentralized. Some frameworks might just be better off without blockchain. Any framework where transparency and trust are of prime importance, blockchain can help do wonders. Let’s see how this technology gets accepted into various sectors as we move forward with advancements being made at a very rapid pace.

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