Here’s How to and How NOT to Earn Cryptos

Hi, to avoid the confusion that is overtaking the internet sphere on cryptocurrencies, we have brought you a list. This will help you understand the do’s and don’ts of the hottest tech industry.

You are in for a fun ride.

Trust us.

We bring to you, without a further ado, How to and How not to Earn Cryptos!

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A Big Loud No:

Mine on your own

Oh yes, you can get the equipment worth over $$$$, install it, get loads and loads of electricity, generators if you are in an area prone to power breakdowns and what not. (Hint: it will still be unprofitable for a single person/ operator/ you need more human resource and investment)

Ponzi Pyramid Schemes

We love you and we do not want you to fall prey to this scam like structure which has fooled people for a bunch of centuries. It’s is always a little late until its found out and unleashed, but its always better to be weary of things that promise you huge chunks of money for nothing, good money is hard earned money. So if it is not making your brain or body sweat, chances are.. something is fishy.

Lend your computing power

Go ahead, we do not mind, unless you want your computer to be dead and down. It will drain your pc! No we are not exaggerating, only stating facts yo! It IS that bad!

A Sweet Bold Yes:

Content Creation as a source of Income

Doing it already for Reddit or YouTube? There is a blockchain version that promises to pay in cryptos. Not the fastest, not the most innovative one yet, but it is surely the most palatable one. It is worth an attempt no? Bring out the blogger in you.

Invest or trade 

Always a good idea, always a good idea! Trust us, no joke, luck is nothing. We repeat luck is nothing. Understand the tricks of the trade, do not get too greedy or too cocky and you are a good bird to fly high! Ready, set go!

Mine for a company or group

Oh yes, you do not need to get the equipment worth over $$$$ (still depends on your contract, check first), install it, or get loads and loads of electricity, no generators even if you are in an area prone to power breakdowns and nothing more. (Hint: it will be profitable for a single person/ you need only you and rarely an investment to begin the work).

Gamble on price speculation:

A Contract for Difference (CFD), can help you gamble (if you think you are good at it)(also if you really are), without investing in it. Or without buying any actual funds. Doesn’t sound too bad, eh?

Lezz try out.

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