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Here’s How Crypto Can Help PewDiePie With His Fundraising

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, more commonly known as PewDiePie, is usually highlighted in the mainstream media as “not the most” popular person. A lot of unwanted and largely unjustified criticism has often floated around PewDiePie for his jokes that are largely taken out of context as claimed by his staunch supporters. Overall, the connotation attached with PewDiePie in the mainstream media is somewhat negative. But this can be explained by a factor named “jealousy”.

Just as his battle with T-Series was taking a negative turn, with India being portrayed as the target of all the hate and trolling, PewDiePie stepped in to clear his stance that this is not what he is all about. As millions of eyes were focused on him during the online “subscribers fight” of becoming the biggest YouTuber of the world, PewDiePie took the opportunity to raise fund for a charity “Child Rights and You” working for helping kids in India itself. In the past, he has also been part of various charity drives. But this is an area where crypto can help the Swedish YouTuber probably.

He recently signed an exclusive deal with DLive, a blockchain-based decentralized live streaming platform, and exposed his mammoth audience to a cryptocurrency platform. This resulted in a huge boost for DLive in terms of monthly active users as well. Lino points earned on the platform by viewers and content-creators can be converted into real money because it is essentially a cryptocurrency.

PewDiePie has over 96 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He usually makes videos in which he is seen standing in the same room speaking about random social issues and doing “meme-reviewing”, a task for which he is beginning to gain a lot of attraction from youth across the globe. Almost all of the videos that he posts get over a million views, an achievement that seemingly makes big media conglomerates both jealous and uneasy. This explains why his jokes are often taken out of context creating a bad reputation. The goal might also be to siphon off some of his audience. Anyways, whatever the reasons may be, either right or wrong, PewDiePie has done a lot of work for charity, an aspect that often goes unnoticed.

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So crypto has finally made its way towards arguably the biggest digital media influencer of the world PewDiePie. But there are a lot more ways in which crypto can help PewDiePie, especially when it comes to fundraising.

One of the prospects that cryptos provide is their global nature. Crypto provides a financial system that transcends national borders and governmental influence. Transactions for across the border transfer can take place as quickly (even faster) as they do with the traditional financial system.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) took the world by storm back in 2017. Coins other than crypto gained the attention of the global audience and people from across the border started buying “altcoins”. Through ICOs, a lot of projects gained a huge amount of investments. Although later on regulation issues stopped the boom, Security Token Offerings (STO) are still pretty relevant. Through such token offerings, a lot of projects have raised money and such a framework can also be used for fundraising where people from around the world can contribute to a cause through cryptos.

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Besides global nature, the financial framework of crypto is also very transparent. In a distributed-ledger framework (DLT), the record is kept by each node maintaining the network and thus every node knows what transaction is taking place on the network. The trust is not put in a third-party, as the case with centralized fundraising projects, rather it is put in the code and the mathematics.

The blockchain space has been progressing at a very rapid pace with developments being made in both legislative and technological fronts. PewDiePie can also look into the prospect of launching his own cryptocurrency for raising funds. But for now, it seems a bit too ambitious.

The lack of regulation and the negative connotation attached with cryptos in the mainstream media can further taint the image of PewDiePie in mainstream media eyes. But still, just as DLive reached PewDiePie, it is quite possible that the crypto of a fundraising-oriented project will reach him soon too. For this to become a reality, crypto adoption is also something that is needed as pre-requisite.

Right now, the adoption is very low in the general public and among the institutions. But as the crypto world moves towards more maturity, it is quite possible that in the future time, crypto will be helping PewDiePie do his fundraisings, maybe even more such celebrities.

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