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PewDiePie vs T-Series – The Crypto War has Just Begun

BlockPublisher made a case earlier, how YouTube content creators can benefit from the rise of blockchain and the platforms based on the decentralized technology. PewDiePie, the YouTube sensation signed an exclusive deal with the blockchain-based live streaming platform “DLive”. In recent months, the duel between YouTube’s two biggest channels, PewDiePie, and T-Series, gained a lot of attention and controversy. For most of the fans from both sides, the war is seemingly over, but there is one community that has been left largely untapped during their online feud, the cryptocurrency community.

PewDiePie had remained to be the most-subscribed channel on the video streaming platform until it was taken over by the Indian media corporate giant T-Series. DLive employs a cryptocurrency at its core that goes by the name of “Lino points”. Content-creators and viewers can earn these cryptos on the platform and can convert them into fiat currency. Since PewDiePie has signed the deal, the platform has also seen a massive boost of 67% in its monthly active user base.

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Crypto is a booming industry and has been attracting a lot of young minds towards it. Traders and institutional investors are interested in the trading aspect of bitcoin and other cryptos while the technological sub-field of cryptos, blockchain, is attracting genius developers and investors to it.

The crypto space is also known for its emotional drive against the centuries-old debt-based banking system. It is developing at a very rapid pace currently and is slowly seeping into the traditional financial world and changing it to some extent as well. It is also bringing a digital revolution in the economy sector with blockchain technology being at the forefront.

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Crypto has finally made its way to arguably the biggest YouTuber and media influencer of all time, PewDiePie. At the time of writing, PewDiePie has a staggering 96+ million subscribers on his channel. Exposing a crypto platform to a huge global audience has given crypto a much wider exposure through a single channel only. The crypto enthusiasts who are also fans of PewDiePie seem ecstatic at this crossover. Although quite insignificant and irrelevant as of now, PewDiePie might have just won the crypto war against T-Series with his exclusive deal with DLive.

DLive has also exposed the world to the use-cases of blockchain beyond just the financial industry and trading. Blockchain gives a decentralized framework of operation where a digital economic model is embedded in it in the form of a native token or cryptocurrency.

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DLive utilize blockchain to give the world a live streaming platform where content-creators and viewers both can use the crypto model to earn. This proves that there is a world that lies beyond just the traditionally assumed use-cases of blockchain technology.

But amid the blockchain boom that is going on right now with a lot of capital and intellect flowing into the blockchain world, T-Series and YouTube can both look into the prospect of using this technology in order to improve their own frameworks. YouTube can focus on developing a global blockchain-based version of its platform with a crypto token at its core that can be used by both viewers and the content-creation. T-Series focus should be on using blockchain to either make its internal frameworks transparent, or to build a video-streaming blockchain platform of its own, an aim that is probably too ambitious but quite probable.

For now, the problems of blockchain scalability and lack of regulation largely stop blockchain technology to get more corporate adoption. In the future, these probabilities might just transform into a possibility  But for now, PewDiePie has given a big exposure of cryptos through his channel to a wider global audience.

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