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No One Knows Which Crypto Will Survive, Founder Elevated District Media

The volatility and uncertainty associated with the market of cryptocurrencies are probably more than any other financial framework in the world. With so many issues already associated with it, more and more crypto tokens are springing up in the arena with each passing day. But are all of these going to survive the trials of time? And if cryptos are going to survive, which token will make it through and which will not? Founder of Elevated District Media, also known as ‘Nye The Crypto Guy’ on Twitter, shares his thoughts.

Talking to BlockPublisher regarding which crypto is going to see the daylight in the long run, Nye stated:

No one knows which will survive. That’s the interesting part about all of this.

Services provided by most of the cryptos currently present are pretty much the same. A point will come when the market will saturate enough that it will start flushing out all the useless cryptos present in the ecosystem. Only the major ones with strong use-cases will likely survive the trials of time.

With this uncertainty present, which cryptocurrency one should choose to achieve the best outcomes? The answer, nobody knows. Talking about pinpointing the best crypto to invest in for the new incomers of the market, Nye stated:

That’s a matter of perspective. Everyone has to do their own research and choose their own investments.

Nye seemed to be of the view that the uncertainty that prevails over the world of cryptos is too strong. There is no cryptocurrency present that will guarantee you the best outcomes. Almost each and every crypto in the ecosystem is facing constant jumps and plunges in prices. The only thing certain about the market of cryptocurrencies is uncertainty.

One day the crypto market sees immense growth and the very next day, it is down by a huge percentage. Even the major cryptos of the game are not safe from the issue of volatility. This is one of the reasons why general people hold back from investing in the world of cryptos.

But as suggested by Nye, one has to do his/her research in order to fully comprehend which crypto will see gains and which will not. For the new investors in the game of cryptos, there are no certain names that will guarantee them major profits. The risk associated with the market has been there since its inception. If one decides to step into this unstable game of cryptos, then he/she shall need to be ready for the risks associated with the market, and the research that is needed to prevent one from major losses.

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