Feminists Should be The Biggest Blockchain Advocates

Nobody should have to accept the world the way it is. We all know a little too much to let things be. The ‘f‘ word, is hated, it is loathed upon, it is feared upon, misunderstood, toxic masculinity is shoved up its ass, and demonized. But, the ‘f’ word stands. IT has stood over the years, and it will be. Because, the world needs to be better, and mediocre and nuanced is not how people who know better take it.

Feminism is important because it opens our eyes to a very complex and self-destructive, anarchic and frustrating world, it puts words to our collective agony, that is not limited to a gender or a race. That has consumed everything we own, everything we as a human civilization have and that is our imagination.

While the traditional systems anywhere are generally created out of historical improvements, the improvements are no longer good enough in the tech innovation sphere of our days, the speed of the technology, globalization, and changes in human relations from full-blown marriages to just being Tinder-incited is how evolved and limited for the time we have become. And in a world as such, we really no longer can use the traditional systems to live on.

The evolution is inevitable, and that is what feminism tries to comb out, it helps to open our brains so we can clean up better, so we at least know that there is a need to clean up. The oppression in our traditional world set up is real.

Big brother is real, the domination of broken ideas over real good stuff is real, the hate towards progress is real and the violence and shame that is thrown at new ideas that demonstrate a scope of healing and alleviating people are real. So, feminism is not alone in being the single out and Straumann idea, there is more to the so-called rigidity of the world that centers around white, Caucasian, middle-aged penises of the 1% of the ideological west, around the world.

Feminism stands for equality, it stands for fairness, it talks about freedom from the oppressors, it talks about consent and it talks about life chances, in a world so messed up, we really can not tell if we are still oppressed or is this just in our heads, we have grown numb. Blockchain and ideology that challenges our status quo really sound too la-la landish and too cray cray for newbies who find it harder than us to break free from shackles.

Blockchain challenges humanity to live free from being monitored and sold into the advertisement wasteland that breaches our personal data, our emotions and our hearts wildly, blatantly and to an abusive extent that we certainly do not commit or consent to. Consent is a big deal with feminism, because of no means no, and unless it is out in the open, it’s not a yes. No should mean no in the tech world too, because I agree to whatever terms and conditions you freaking wrote is not our consent to let you sell our details to big data agencies that continue to exploit it to manipulate us into buying things, thinking a certain way and living a very ad nauseam capitalist life.

Blockchain lets us live free from debts that our traditional banking systems let us enjoy from time immemorial to time unlimited, this is not because banks are amazing and blockchain is a moral high priest, it is because blockchain is predicated on principles of consensus, fairness, and logic that does not let things like insane unpayable debt build up, and this is through its ability to be futuristic and sustainable.

Women are discriminated in the status quo, for mortgages, loans, credit card debt, but the nuance becomes more nuanced when it comes to the LGBTQ+, this is because, nobody thinks of them and the moronic healthcare, education, matrimony, housing and banking systems that are governed and cared for by veteran, old men who stink of prejudice, homophobia, and racial hate. Blockchain on the other hand is for everyone. A blockchain system that counts or lets you cast a vote does not discriminate, because it is based on laws that are run by automated systems, this paired with artificial intelligence means that we no longer need to face the hatred and the shame that the society that is not lit, that is not woke, puts us through, this is because they are no longer needed.

Feminism can continue working in the background and fix the root causes of the oppression and disparity, while the tech can do what it does best and that is bridge the gaps at a rapid pace. Blockchain and feminism share the value system of equality, rights, consensus, democratization and above all, freedom.

If you’re a woman challenging the status quo, working in the blockchain space, we would love to hear from you.


Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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