Fiat Currency is Designed To Put You In Debt, Bitcoin Will Save You

Ever wondered why you money leaks right out of your hands, don’t worry it’s not you, its the money itself. Any wise person will tell you saving money helps in life, but that is old and boring, also it never happens. This is because it can not happen. But, you can stop hating yourself. Because, the truth is out, you don’t have spending problems, your money does.

Capitalism is Shitting Your Pants!

The idea of having paper money and coinage in the shape of fiat is highly capitalistic, what isn’t. The really saucy ads, the growling tummy that wants insta-worthy food, branded cars, and gaming consoles, they really don’t help when it comes to controlling our consumption patterns and desires.

But, you also don’t have to control yourself, you should not have to restrict yourself, and you are obviously free to spend your dough however you like it. The problem is not in spending, or where and how to spend. The problem lies in the mere fact that if our lifestyles go on the way they do, we will lose all hope in our futures and things will get payday-to-payday and that too in high loans and predictive spending.

How Kind of Banks To Give Out Loans, BLOODYCOWDUNG.

The proof lies in the origin, the primary function of banks is and has always been issuing credit and generating debt. This lovely service that they perform enslaves huge amounts of people for years, and sometimes, lifetimes in debt.

The U.S household debt rose to a whopping $13.3 trillion back in mid-2018, the number is only rising and not coming down with time. Why do you think banks give out loans in the first place? If the loan is not being paid back, isn’t the back in a stew? Well, the people still make installments, they don’t clear out their loans.

No bank operates for the good of the people, they operate to make an unlimited profit on each loan they give out. The proof lies in the fact that banks don’t care if you return them the money you borrowed from them or not, they only want you to pay them the monthly interest, so while you keep paying and compounding more and more interest, they make shit loads of money, which is a ton more than what you borrowed from them, to begin with, but, you are still in debt, and still liable to keep paying them. This rabbit hole starts when you are sucked into schemes that technically you cannot afford, and that is designed to make you slack and let the interest pile up. The load would be a lot to pay off, the debt eats a big chunk of your income every month and you can not save up enough to put a stop to this or buy back your freedom!

The Bottomline: The longer you pay the interest instead of paying back the actual loan, the more profitable it is for them to let you borrow more.

This is worse for whole nations that fall prey to other countries and take up debts. According to the 2018 IMF report,  the worth of debt that exists worldwide adds up to a grand total of $184 trillion. While the bitcoin debt, anywhere, ever? Is Zilch! No interest accumulation, no unpayable debt, no centralized bailouts, and financial breakdowns, it’s all decentralized, progressive stuff.

Fiat is spendable and in an easy way. Fiat has refined itself as a medium of exchange and liquid asset in more than 1-100 years, this means that all we can buy today took a whole century to become this easily buyable. Over time banks and ad makers helped in making the currency less important for us and the things it could buy more.

It is a fiat-booby-trap.

You will think less when the Take out waitress asks you if you want to supersize, you really don’t care about the extra dollars but you love what the extra dollars can buy you. That extra, up-sell or up-bought for us, the consumers, is actually the extra happiness. But, bitcoin we care about. Pretty hell we do. It is more than money, after all, it is a feeling, an emotion, an asset that means something very different, the precious prestigious kind.

No More Debt?

If Bitcoin takes over, no more loans, full stop. The banking greed will have to be rethought because no longer will people fall into the pesky traps of borrowing money, the digital reality will be easier to accept and perceive in a sane fashion.

Perhaps, there would be other systems of getting money and paying back when need be, but they won’t be the easy-way-outs and enslave-me-for-time-immemorialflexible loans kind. The world debt will fall and end, because, ain’t nobody will have extra bitcoins to give out, kidding, because it will not be possible. Bitcoin once given to someone is given forever. There is no getting back. The bitcoin loan and lending programs are available but the culture around them is not as painful and nerve-wracking as this one. And this is why we need it to cut out banks and quit loaning our lives to these legal-loan-sharks.

The vicious cycle of capitalist greed and big brands telling you to buy this, buy that to help you fulfill your self-esteem needs continues. We often forget that these brands, banks, hospitals and fitness programs designed to help us satiate ourselves are the ones that are responsible for the gaps within us in the first place.

By creating even more voids within the society the traditional centralized capitalist system makes sure there are more products that can be sold, more than ever, and even when people can not afford to buy things, they somehow end up paying for them, even if it brings them a whole Merchant of Venice Fiasco.

This facade is getting a little too old and a little too strong to defeat. You don’t have to fall into it though. To live a minimalist life, you first need to take charge of how you manage things and why you need to do it and to help you do it, look out for creative ways that dissent to the current system of oppression. Try out Cryptos for what they are worth, might be risky but, atleast they can help you monitor your spending patterns.

That’s not all, the evolution of blockchain, bitcoin and the crypto world is a threat to the conventional financial system that is designed to enslave people through debt. Lending money without owning it through the fractional reserve system is bound to be doomed with more and more people becoming aware of the fraud and adopting bitcoin.

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