Female Participation To Rise In Blockchain Industry

The much dotted blockchain technology has been on the rise for almost a decade now. The technology has a myriad of application in various sectors ranging from financial to entertainment and the media industry. As the time is passing by, more and more corporations are flocking towards the incorporation of blockchain-based platforms. Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize the entire economic system of the world. The technology is believed to be in its infancy as of now, but as it grows, there will be a need to educate men and women of technology alike, about blockchain.

Women have been working alongside men in every field that exists. It is only adequate that they are provided equal opportunities to learn and be a part of the blockchain community. Currently, there is an insignificant amount of blockchain-based platforms that have been founded by females. However, there have been multiple developments to aid this case as numerous platforms have emerged to empower the female techies in the blockchain Industry.

One of these organizations is Women In Blockchain. This platform targets to bring together not only the female technologists but women from other professions as well. It also constitutes a lot of researchers and students from various backgrounds. It is an effort to make the ecosystem of blockchain more female inclusive as there are less than 100 women active in this space.

Women in Blockchain hosts events all over the globe which include conferences, networking events and hackathons. In addition, they also aim to provide open source content on courses like distributed systems, cryptography, blockchain and smart contracts to all in need. The knowledge about blockchain is spread all over the internet with only a few good considerable sources. WIB can help accumulate all this knowledge and provide it to the female individuals free of charge. WIB believes that the applications of blockchain are extremely vast and most of the opportunities for women yet remain hidden and untouched. As stated on its website:

Women in Blockchain Global hopes to help women over what can seem to be a steep learning curve.

WIB has also initiated the movement #shecantech which aims to educate young girls to inspire them to join the tech industry. It provide mentorings to these young girls, the menors being accomplished professional in the field of blockchain. This movement was inspired from the exclusive hackathon in University of Maryland, Technica, which was held for females. The astonishing number of participants in the hackathon lead to this movement being established.

Women in Blockchain isn’t the sole organization making efforts to educate and inspire females to pursue a career in blockchain tech. she256 also requires a worthy mention. It provides the same opportunities but with a slight addition of offering mentors to students, from whom they can learn and be advised regarding what’s hot and what ‘s not in the blockchain technology.

With numerous platforms emerging to empower the women in technology, specifically blockchain and crypto, it can be presumed that as the blockchain industry flourishes, we are to witness an increase in the number of women in blockchain.

Hassaan Malik

Co-founder of BlockPublisher, Hassaan is a technologist at heart with a keen interest in blockchain, cryptos and traditional financial markets. Email: hassaan@blockpublisher.com, hassaanmalek@gmail.com

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