Introducing the Movement to Inspire Females to Pursue a Career in Blockchain

In a world dominated by men, the field of blockchain has seen a significant amount of female participants as well. The new movement she(256) has been created to empower these women who are lower in numbers but in no way oblivious to the world of blockchain. Its website states,

She(256) is a movement dedicated to increasing diversity and breaking down barriers to entry in the blockchain space.

She(256) was created by a group of students at Berkeley who were attending a blockchain event. It was brought to their attention that at an event containing more than 60 people, there were very few females present. This platform was built on the base, that with the recent advancement in Fintech which are revolutionizing the whole world, these revolutions should be brought about with men and women alike. The number of active female participants in this field may be miniscule but not by their contributions. These female individuals can inspire a lot of younger ones. Therefore, to make women feel more welcomed and to highlight the effort of the ones already making contributions, she(256) was born. she(256) mentions,

Going forward, our focus is on continued initiatives in breaking down barriers to entry and increasing diversity in the blockchain space. Because this space is still in its infancy, we have the opportunity to set the culture and tone. There is nothing like this particular time, place, or industry that has ever existed in the past, which gives us the unique position to set a precedent. Blockchain is disruptive technology. So let’s disrupt the industry with more diversity.

The advantages provided by this movement are two fold. It gives the female mentors, the individuals who are experienced and adept in the field of blockchain, a platform where they can help inspire the younger inexperienced ones. They can give them direction, offer guidance and counsel about what little efforts can be made to improve and gain expertise. The mentees can receive the invaluable counsel and utilize it to enhance their prospects and get a better view of where the industry of blockchain is headed. The mentors and mentees can connect 1-3 times a month via calls, emails or messaging. The platform plans to sync the mentor and mentees that belong to same location and interests as well, so they can keep up without much effort.

This platform is not exclusively meant for females though. Male mentors are also welcomed to mentor female mentees. Jill Carlson who has earned quite a reputation in the world of blockchain tweeted,

Multiple events are also held in order to highlight the efforts that are being made by the famous dames of the crypto world. In these events and conferences, these brilliant female individuals are invited to share research, protocols and applications of blockchain, targeting specifically those that are being led by women in blockchain. These provide a unique opportunity for the younger innovators to collude with the researchers, professionals and other students and provide them with a better access to a myriad of opportunities that lie in the industry.

The first ever event organized by she(256) was held on April 23, 2018 in which the directors of this movement introduced the world to a platform like none other. It was mentioned that this platform sets a precedent for many others as well. Aparna Krishnan who introduced the attendees to the world of blockchain made the introductory key note. In the key note she talked about the origin of bitcoin and blockchain what lies at the essence of its core.

In a nutshell, she(256) movement will help ensure that the innovative minds that are interested in pursuing blockchain as a subject of interest are provided with a platform that will inspire them to do so. With the help of experienced mentors and the network of multiple recognized males and females in the field of blockchain, she(256) expects to guide the inexperienced, able minds so that they can navigate through this technology and participate in exploring the subject further with equal force as the opposite gender.

Hassaan Malik

Co-founder of BlockPublisher, Hassaan is a technologist at heart with a keen interest in blockchain, cryptos and traditional financial markets. Email: hassaan@blockpublisher.com, hassaanmalek@gmail.com

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