Dropil Goes Back to the Basics With the Announcement Of its Paper Wallet

Dropil, a cryptocurrency platform that aims to “automate the world of cryptocurrency” has come up with the announcement of its cutting-edge development, the Dropil Paper. Dropil Paper is a value-added product which enables the users to manufacture their very own paper wallets that would not only store assets securely, but also enable them to be gifted to others. This will help the newcomers of this space to become familiarized with the world of crypto.

This new development comes with a diverse set of technical features such as the ability to create both public and private keys for specific currencies and utilization to securely store these keys with end-to-end encryption. In addition, arguably the most exciting feature enabled is the ability to buy, print and gift someone any cryptocurrency using Dropil Paper.

While talking to BlockPublisher, Dropil termed this feature about Dropil Paper as “amazing” and said:

We are also releasing this amazing Free Paper wallet service/product for saving, monitoring, gifting, cryptocurrency worldwide.

Dropil presents forward a wide set of distinguishing features for the Dropil Paper. Some of these features and applications include:

  • Provision of a convenient method to print and store digital keys in a non-digital space.
  • To buy, print and gift someone any cryptocurrency including DROPs.
  • Sharing and printing a unique paper ID to get paid or tipped faster.
  • Ability to view stored keys and wallet information on My Wallets page.

It is a unique yet potentially revolutionary ability of the Paper Wallet to store cryptocurrency in a hard wallet instead of a digital ledger. Dropil explains its usability as:

You don’t need to buy a ledger nano S for $70 to $150 to store your favorite cryptocurrency in cold storage.

Another interesting application of the Dropil Paper is to send someone a personalized wallet as a gift within which they can hold their assets in a physical form just like the pertinent currency model. This is a unique idea enabled on the Dropil Paper and can be used to bring someone new to the crypto space, as people often avoid digital assets because they cannot be seen or held. Moreover, this functionality is not limited to Dropil only, as users can use any cryptocurrency to store in the Dropil Paper or to gift someone else.

Dropil Paper prioritizes security of users’ assets and provides a non-digital way of securing private and public digital keys in a tangible space. With Dropil Paper, users can select a format to customize a unique wallet design that can be printed in hard form or saved to Dropil Paper via secure encryption.

You can use the paper wallet for storing it in cold storage and accessing it later if you save the wallet in our end to end encrypted solution using your universal dropil account.

Dropil is currently looking to add more features to make Dropil Paper and the generalized crypto space easier to use. It is also in process of obtaining manufacturing partnerships for Dropil Paper which will bring it directly into the hands of users. Regarding  more information about its Paper Wallet, the company stated:

We will have more information later on the paper wallet once we release the page with full detail on it.

A detailed overview of Dropil Paper and its inherent features can be found here.

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