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Dentacoin Enhances its Identity Verification Process as it Partners Up With Civic

Dentacoin, a well-renowned blockchain-based project aimed at uniting the dental community from across the globe, has partnered up with Civic to enhance its identity verification process. Dentacoin has integrated support for CivicConnect, which is an app-to-app integration product launched by Civic. CivicConnect allows different apps to perform identity verifications procedures which make sure that the accounts used are of actual real-life people. Civic identity verification procedure will now be integrated into all the Dentacoin tools from DentaVox to Dentacare Health Training App.

This support is integrated by the platform so that the users are granted a secure and private ecosystem without having to go through intricate and complicated verification processes.

Taking to BlockPublisher regarding this development, the platform stated in a tweet:

We are proud to be the pioneering project for CivicConnect. This is another great step forward towards creating a seamless UX and authentication across all our tools. Leave your username and password in the past, for CivicConnect and Dentacoin are here to take you to the future.

Civic provides a Secure Identity Platform (SIP) which grants a user its digital identity, which is under full control of the user. Now, the platform provided by Civic maintains an ecosystem in which the businesses that are trying to access someone’s information request for specific details. In the ecosystem, the users can then share their details under a completely secure fabric.

With Civic’s secure and private Know-Your-Customer (KYC) solution, users verify and scan their identity documents, and the platform trying gain access to a user only has to meet the KYC requirements. Dentacoin users now have this privilege and the users can keep their sensitive information to themselves and can access the services of Dentacoin eliminating the interference of centralized databases.

Also, with this support enabled, users do not have to remember their credentials such as username and password. With a security-fabric in place and no centralized storage, the aspect of identity theft and hacks is also eliminated.

This comes off as great news for the dentacoin community as it moves one step closer to achieving its ultimate vision of forming an easy-to-use, secure, transparent and global ecosystem.

The complete blog post regarding this announcement can be found here.

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