Decentraland Forms Alliance With Cryptocars

Recently Decentraland, the ethereum powered virtual reality platform has announced its alliance with the team of Cryptocarz, the creators of worlds first ever virtual reality blockchain based car racing platform.

Decentraland has joined forces in order to introduce a racetrack in the Genesis city, the amalgamation of all projects created by users into one virtual world. Once the track is established users can drive their virtual cars in numerous drag races. These racetracks will have multiple configurations to ensure that the players race against their friends and strangers in a course of their choice.

The team behind cryptocars, Blockchain studios has created the VR car racing experience on the ethereum blockchain. Blockchain Studios have the view that the emerging technology, blockchain will have a great impact on the industry of gaming. According to them, VR gaming is the future and most of the games that are being introduced nowadays have integrated this technology within them.

As of now, Cryptocars has a total of 20 different car models, which are represented by non-fungible tokens and are based on some of the well known cryptocurrencies. However, each model of a car is manufactured in a limited number, 650 to be exact and once all these are sold out, more will not be manufactured.  All these Cryptocars are distinct from one another on the basis of speed, acceleration, and handling.

There are multiple options in game playing for the players to select from. They can play solo, with time trails, or multiple player race with friends or strangers and even learn how to handle the wheel in the practice mode. Cars that owned by an individual can be stored or kept in their wallet or garage. Additionally these garages can also enable users to create new cars by providing them with mods and kits. On their official website, they have proudly declaimed,

We are not only a blockchain token and more than simply a ‘crypto-collectible’. We are CryptoCarz, and we are ready to change gaming forever!

Deccentraland is still amidst the process of incorporating CryptoCars, a lot of work has to done to develop a platform that that enables player to ride in style in the virtual world.

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