Genesis Content Program; An Invitation to Game Developers

Deccentraland witnessed massive success in its initial Coin Offering where it collected $25 million in ten seconds and launched its token MANA. It is the first ever venture that provides a virtual platform to its users to create and deploy their games. It consists of a large virtual world in which lands can be assigned to the user to create the games of their choice. This decentralized platform is also based on Ethereum blockchain technology. The latest development has been that they intend to make an investment worth $5 million to encourage gamers and developers to come forth with innovative and indulging games. They refer to it as Genesis Content Program. They made the announcement in a recent post,

To encourage innovation and growth in decentralized online gaming, we will be investing a total of $5 million in project financing to be shared among the top applicants.

The kind of games that are going to be funded by the Genesis program are also defined. This can include scavenger hunts of collectibles and tokens. Players can be offered incentives in order to explore various parts of the world. There are skill competitions in which players face each other in a variety of skill based games. The other genres include crafting, parcels as play squares, and loot crate games.

The genesis content program has no limited time frame. Game developers from all over the world are encouraged to take part of this wonderful opportunity to being forth their innovative creations. However, a certain number of rules have to be followed in order to participate. The users can only have access and can only build games that are limited to their purchased land. They would allow games that involve searching for collectibles that are present on the genesis city remotely; nevertheless, they would require a host.

In decentraland, the land can be purchased through Ethereum blockchain, ensuring that whatever you build is safe from destruction. They have a firm view that a public virtual world should not be centralized and users should have control over whatever land they own and the proceeds that are generated from that land. The Genesis Content Program would enable the gamers and developers to make their contribution by producing innovative and new game no matter what background they are from. They also mentioned,

We are extremely excited about the development coming from the entire Decentraland community! While we see Decentraland as a community-driven project, we also want to welcome larger and more ambitious projects to our platform. Our goal is to provide the tools and framework that innovators and entrepreneurs need to push the boundaries of blockchain gaming.

The founders of deccentraland Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano have incorporated the underlying structure of Bitcoin also called Bitcore to bring forth Deccentraland. The advisory board of Decentraland consists of famous names in the crypto industry like Jake Brukhman who is the founder at Coinfund, Luis Cuende who was Project Lead at Aragon, and lastly the crypto economics adviser, Giotto De Filippi.

Decentraland, which started its creation journey from ‘Stone Age’, the time period in which land within was represented as a collection of pixels and a proof of work algorithm similar to that of Bitcoin, was deployed to assign these pixels to the users, has reached the end of line, their ultimate goal of providing users a rich experience with full VR support, of living in the blockchain.

One of the most important thing that has to be noted is that Decentraland provides decentralization to each and every game developer that owns land. It represents a hub of diversity, and provides the possibility of one realm crossing over the other. In addition, to ensure that Decentraland is available for all to use, they have limited graphics so it has compatibility with a number of devices.

Most of the blockchain platforms that are being introduced, promote the same standards that the content contributors and developers be isolated from the central governing systems. Decentraland promotes the same belief by providing its users complete ownership over the land they own and the profits it makes.

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