Craig ‘Faketoshi’ Wright’s nChain Seeks Patent Lawyer To Manage Blockchain Portfolio

We all know about Australian software developer and  businessman Mr. Craig Wright right? Well just to jog your memory, you might remember him better as his hilarious nickname, “Faketoshi” after his incessant claims that he is in fact the creator of Bitcoin, Nakamoto Satoshi. Crazy right? We agree.

Especially since this whacky theory has been debunked by crypto fans and has earned Wright much hate in the process. Remember when he deleted his Twitter account over a squabble with a Twitter bot? We do.

However, as per a job opportunity announcement Wright’s company, nChain is looking for a lawyer and no the lawyer is not to file a legal complaint against Twitter but it is for a patent lawyer that will look after the firm’s blockchain-related portfolio in London.

As per the company’s official website,

“nChain’s mission is to ignite global adoption and enterprise-level usage of Bitcoin.  We believe BSV will fulfil the Satoshi Vision and change the world.”

It seems like the big fish such as Facebook and JP Morgan & Chase are not the only one’s recruiting and building their blockchain portfolios since nChain is also set on the fast track to crypto success.

In order to be eligible for the post, the prerequisites for the job include the possession of a degree in physics, maths or computer science, a keen interest in blockchain and Bitcoin and the guarantee that they are European Patent Attorney-qualified. An understanding and technical expertise is blockchain tech is something we’d recommend also.

Some of the skills the announcement lists include;

  • Ability to undertake patent drafting, global prosecution, and European opposition matters
  • Ability to undertake and evaluate patent-landscape opinions
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills for interacting with leadership, team members, and external partners

Last month, nChain’s strategic advisory board chairman, Jimmy Nguyen stated in a statement that the company had filed for 666 patent applications.

As per their website, nChain “intends to licence select innovations and products on an open-source or royalty-free basis, specifically for applications operating on the BSV network.” This seems a little hard since most of their work is patented and therefore not accessible to the public. However, this is just why the company needs a lawyer for future skirmishes and disputes.

In the Twitterverse however, things seem to be simmering down ever since Faketoshi deleted his account, but he was caught in the crossfire with his new account still under suspension.

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