This Just In: A Fake Twitter Bot Pushes Craig ‘Faketoshi’ Wright To Delete His Twitter

We’ve heard our fair share of absurd and unbelievable things happening in the cryptoverse now and then, but this one just takes the cake.

We all know of Craig Wright who is famous for claiming to be the REAL Satoshi Nakamoto on multiple occasions. Although he has time and time again failed to earn the title of the elusive creator of Bitcoin, he has been dubbed as Faketoshi by annoyed fans.

Now, it seems Mr Faketoshi is yet again in the headlines and that too for all the wrong reasons. As per a news report by Chepicap, Wright has allegedly deleted his Twitter account and is no longer on the social media platform. And what drove him to take this extreme measure?



Well, all signs point towards a cheeky but completely harmless Twitter bot. Apparently Wright was getting really riled up and even threatening legal action against several fake bot accounts that copied and posted his tweets.

Wright who is an Australian software developer and  businessman has been in the crossfire before as he is not exactly admired for repeatedly claiming to be Nakamoto and is also being sued by the brother of now deceased developer, David Kleiman for a whopping $1 billion!

The internet is a scary and unforgiving place to be at if you’re someone with Wright’s reputation. Ardent crypto fans have not let his widely controversial claims of being the Bitcoin creator, nor has his involvement in the widely unpopular hardfork of Bitcoin Cash.

However, Faketoshi was not about to go out without a fight and he kept on angering more and more of his 60K followers by posting criticisms of the Bitcoin network via his Twitter account. But that was obviously short lived as a number of fake bots started plaguing his online existence, with some even emulating his profile pictures and his tweets.

Stating that this was a violation of copyrights, Wright even threatened to take legal action.

However, this never happened as taking it a step further and in a real bad move, Wright started attacking the social media platform itself for his miseries. Since then, his Twitter account has been either suspended, deactivated or perhaps deleted.

On a lighter note however, the user behind some of these fake bots has since then been celebrating his “win” and expressing his shock at how the self claimed Nakamoto was taken down by the rantings of a mere bot.


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