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Contentos Scores Binance as the Most Recent Addition to the List of Investors, in a Symbiotic Manner

Contentos, a decentralized platform hailing blockchain as the key feature, the self-proclaimed future Ethereum of the digital community, has successfully sided with Binance constituting a symbiotic relationship where Binance is set to invest over the blockchain protocol that is Contentos. Binance will extract out the benefit of realizing the forever sought goal of theirs that is to enhance the premises of the blockchain technology and to empower the basic user. Contentos has been evaluated to be a worthy platform in order to expand the blockchain decentralization as Binance explained about the newly instated partnership the following way,

Empowering users and going straight to incentivizing content creation is what Contentos is up to which makes them a perfect partner to invest over. They are employing the blockchain technology so as to decentralize content monetization.

Contentos rejoiced the established relationship between the two companies after a straight successful similar deal with Ontology, another blockchain platform, a decentralized trust protocol. Contentos also took a step forward, publicly disclosing the recent siding with Binance for development purposes.

BinanceLabs has become another powerful addition to COS’s investors list. It’s our honor and pleasure to have BinanceLabs to Invest in Contentos.

Announced on 29th of September, 2018, the partnership ignites the urge to develop the blockchain technology to greater extents out of the mere crypto bounds. Binance seeks to accomplish exactly this and has dug up a partner with similar interests. Contentos hails a token of its own, the COS which has gathered applause from several entities securing partnerships with the likes of LiveMe, Cheez, PhotoGrid and other similar blockchain juggernauts.

Binance like always has been envisaging a world with the blockchain technology incorporated into every bit of monetary transactions and other ventures. Blockchain technology is like the rubber mass which in case we keep on stretching, can go on elongating the way we like or the way we see fit. Binance bears a similar school of thought as the expansion of the blockchain is the next step in getting the data of the entire world into a single circulation which is transparent as ever and with the most active security protocols.

Contentos’ Zac Nien, the Sr. Director of Product Management, while talking to BlockPublisher, stated:

To come up with a Democratic environment is all we strive for. As long as the power for the basic user stays intact with just the user without the involvement of third parties, blockchain is serving at its fullest. We try to incentivize content creation, curation, distribution, storage, and verification in terms of the COS token as a good gesture.

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