Contentos Lands Another Big Investor

Contentos, a blockchain based digital content platform has landed another big investor in the form of Binance. Binance Labs, the investing platform of Binance, will help Contentos (COS) in their complex technical development for their ever-growing public blockchain and to further expand its global community by bringing in more advertisers, consumers and content producers in the form of film makers, content writers and photographers.

Talking to BlockPublisher, Ian Christian, a content contributor for Contentos said;

What Contentos is doing is great for everyone that can be proven from the acceptance and the immence community growth of COS in such a short period of time

Over the years, content creators all over the world are forced to make content that is only suitable for advertisers due to central ownership as their revenue model revolves around it. Contentos is a public blockchain protocol that aim to empower producers, advertisers and consumers where everyone is paid in a very transparent manner according to their contribution and the value they bring.

On the other hand Binance has already invested in several other decentralized platforms and the addition of Binance Labs will prove to be monumental for Contentos as they possess a very tough program rating system. Binance Labs has invested in many sectors of the revolutionary blockchain industry inlcuding Republic, a crowd funding platform, Oasis Labs, MobileCoin and several others.

Giving his views on Contentos landing a very powerful investor, Christian stated;

Addition of big investors like Ontology, Neo, Fulcrum Capital and Danhua Capital (DHVC) in Contentos, Binance Labs investment will be very beneficial for the platform since it is among the world’s very first investing company who invested in blockchain ecosystem.

A very credible and acclaimed rating agency, RatingToken also rated Contentos blockchain very promising in terms of its high-end technology and global presence due to COS problem solving capabilities.

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