CEO of Webchain and CoinIMP Discusses the Webchain Platform

Webchain, a smart contract based platform aimed at providing an ecosystem for webmasters so they can have sustainable websites, is a project to look out for in the long run. But what benefits it brings to the crypto ecosystem overall? What is its long-term vision and how is its coin different? To get the answers to these questions, BlockPublisher got in touch with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Webchain, Artur Makowka.

Talking to BlockPublisher regarding Webchain’s long-term vision, Artur stated:

We want to build a whole ecosystem for webmasters, so they can have sustainable websites. For example, we want to civilize javascript mining, to make it transparent and open, to reduce the number of cryptojacking incidents.

When asked how Webchain’s token WEB is different from other tokens floating around in the crypto space, Artur replied:

I would like to make small correction – it’s full coin (with its own blockchain) not a token. It’s the only web minable coin that has smart contracts in-built, because most other web-minable coins are based on Monero and CryptoNote. We rewrote those parts of the code and our coin has Dapps and smart contracts functionalities. This will make sure that other projects can base their work on our blockchain in same way as ICO base themselves on top of Ethereum.

Regarding the Webchain coin, Artur emphasized that WEB is the only web-mineable coin present at this time that has the smart contract functionality tied with it. The CEO also revealed the progress that Webchain has made as compared to the other coins that are currently present in the crypto market. Webchain’s aim is not just to build a platform with unilateral direction, it aims at giving the crypto space an entire ecosystem. Adding on to his statements, Artur stated:

We want to create whole ecosystem, it means most of our ideas were not even revealed yet. I think we have a big and strong team behind the project and we can deliver it. Besides we have working and profiting product – coinimp.com where Webchain is used. Something that most coins cannot say, because they are only in the planning phase. We already earn money, we have over 35 000 users on coinimp. That’s a good business indicator to have earnings already at this stage of life of a coin, but that’s just the beginning.

Being ASIC-resistant, Webchain provides more opportunities to the miners with less expensive hardware. Fast transaction times also make Webchain a project to look out for in the long run.

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