Webchain: IoT-Powered Blockchain for dApps

Webchain has a huge part to play in the imminent decentralized future. Whilst many are actively indulging themselves in the crypto revolution and developing groundbreaking modes of exchanging wealth and value, the world has yet to move past beyond simply using blockchain for financial transaction ledgers.

Webchain is bringing forth a smart contract powered platform for decentralized applications that is not only powerful enough to support mining through average resources but is also providing secure IoT based solutions to incorporate the true power of smart contracts. That means there’s more room for mining via websites and the Internet-of-Things.


The underlying technology behind Webchain’s efficient solution to an ASIC-resistant platform emerged with CryptoNight. ASICs are devices whose primary use-cases reside with crypto mining. However, these hinder blockchain production by focusing on greater processing power and profitability level. Webchain has skipped the tradition by going ASIC-free and aims to offer better opportunities for regular users mining from unspecialized machines, which can be as important to the system as the blockchain performance.

What’s New?

  • ERC20 and ERC223 smart contracts and dApps enabled blockchain.
  • Anyone can mine without high-performance device holders getting added advantages.
  • No ICO. Since the probabilities of modern-day platforms skipping out on crowd funding opportunities are very low, Webchain stands out for being a truly decentralized space for all kinds of pockets.
  • Transactions with time nearing just 10 seconds.
  • Total transparency through a blockchain that is entirely public. Not only this but a person’s entire list of transactions is also recorded.
  • A limited supply of coins ensuring a guaranteed increase in value.

How to Mine?

  1. Download and install the GUI wallet
  2. Launch the app and follow these steps.
  3. Start mining on the blockchain. Webchain Miner is a high performance CPU miner for Webchain (WEB). Originally based on XMRig with changes that allow mining WEB.
  4. Officially build pools for mining.
  5. Send and/or receive coins via Webchain, with average standard time being 10 seconds.

CoinIMP and WEB

Monetization of one’s websites can now be done the right way. Webchain is one of the very few who wish to break the monopoly, or the money game in mild terms, started by Google and its fellowship. CoinIMP is the ultimate web miner that uses Javascript to mine on the internet, capable of being used for powerful cryptocurrency mining such as Monero and WEB. In August 2018, regarding Webchain, CoinIMP stated in a tweet:

Additionally, CoinIMP can be embedded on web browsers that are fully impervious to ad-block extensions. As of now, Monero and Webchain’s own WEB are available to be mined through it. Since Webchain’s coin is new and on the rise, it seems wise to grab a hold of a few due to its limited supply. It can be easy to predict a steep increase in its price later on.


Source: https://webchain.network/

Webchain doesn’t need a particularly good set of hardware to ensure maximum efficiency. As long as the device has a processor, it will count on a percentage of unused CPU power and deploy the web miner. This way, users are provided with a wide range of devices to choose from, the most common being smartphones and desktop computers. Now, users get to choose from IoT connected devices too. Mining coins made easier and affordable.

However, the platform has a long way to go before truly being atop the charts. It is currently being overseen by a team of developers as well as a community on Github. Nonetheless, it won’t be a surprise if tomorrow’s most widely used dApps reveal their humble origins associated with platforms like Webchain. For all we know, if a platform can induce a change in crypto politics and blockchain, maybe it will end up changing today’s hierarchical monopolies that defy the very meaning of the phrase ‘value for money’.

The webchain application is available on Google Play. Here‘s a link to their whitepaper.

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