CEO of ODEM Is All Praise for Blockchain Technology

The revolutionary prospects that are offered by blockchain technology cannot be denied at all. Bitcoin is just one use-case of this tech and it has already created strong ripples in the financial market. Besides finance, there are a lot of other sectors that can gain benefit from the decentralization that this tech presents forward, and one of these sectors is education. ODEM is a blockchain-based project that is focused specifically on this sector in order to form a global ecosystem for teachers and students. It wants to make education easily accessible and secure for its users across the world by employing blockchain at its core.

Recently, BlockPublisher got in touch with the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ODEM, Richard Maaghul. Besides giving an insight into the project, Richard also shared his opinions regarding the technology. In reply to the question regarding his opinions about blockchain technology overall, he stated:

Simply fantastic! The fact that you can securely store every transaction on a public Blockchain network and have it completely transparent and immutable. It will propel and transform more peer to peer permission base business models in the next 10 years.

As hinted by Richard, we might see more peer-to-peer businesses progressing in the upcoming decade, and blockchain will most likely be at their cores. Further adding on to his statements, Richard said:

It’s definitely going to open a new competitive landscape between the centralized and decentralized markets. It’s a win win for everyone.

The demand for decentralization is rising up at a fast pace. Most of the products that we use every day have centralized frameworks at their back, whether it is the social media or the banks. Centralized frameworks are also prone to getting hacked by external forces. Data leakage is unknown to no one and even the big corporate spearheads are not immune from this. Decentralization can surely prove to be revolutionary in centralized frameworks where transparency and security are of prime importance. It is already is being incorporated into many industries such as aviation, music, social media etc. Let’s see how many more it affects from here on.

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