Understanding ODEM Through A Short Q&A With the Founder and CEO of the Platform

With each passing day, more and more crypto projects are springing up on the scene. The crypto market is getting saturated day by day. While most of the projects provide redundant services, some actually aim to solve the issues present in everyday life. One of these projects is ODEM.

ODEM is a platform that wants to revolutionize the world of education through the employment of blockchain technology. It wants to make an educational ecosystem for the world so that teachers, students, and the general users can all get the benefits. In order to fully comprehend the ecosystem that the project is trying to establish, BlockPublisher got in touch with the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the platform, Richard Maaghul.

The following Q&A with Richard gives one a complete overview of what ODEM is trying to achieve.

What is ODEM’s long-term vision?

Simply making education more affordable, assessable, verifiable and transferable for everyone who wants to thrive through lifelong learning and gain the education currency for a better life.

What is the consensus protocol used at ODEM’s core? And the reason behind choosing it?

We are using Ethereum because it is widely adopted as the most mature and promising blockchain in a very young industry.

Ethereum, through its smart contracts infrastructure enables programmable terms and conditions automating decentralized blockchain transactions. These features allow ODEM to transform how we offer education and manage certification.

So what products do you have in your ecosystem currently?

We are currently working on 12 functional use cases of the Marketplace.

Identity Through Education (ITE)
ESTABLISH your academic identity on the BLOCKCHAIN.

Education Activity Repository (EAR)
CURATE and SHARE your accomplishments at your discretion with you as the financial benefactor.

Educational Program Staking (EPS)
PARTICIPATE in creating your education experience by proposing and participating in new and innovative education initiatives.

Education Skill Badges (ESB)
PROMOTE your latest academic achievements with existing and potential employers and clients.

Professional Skills Network (PSN)
EARN a living using your ODEM curated education and skills.

Currency Agnostic Settlement (CAS)
GET PAID INSTANTLY in ODEM-T and leverage ODEM’s Exchange Currency Partner Network to convert ODEM-T to the currency of your choice.

Independent Credential Verification (ICV)
TRANSFER your educational credentials across borders and university gates WORLDWIDE.

Program Revenue Sharing (PRS)
BUILD and SELL your programs on the ODEM

Perpetual Curriculum Royalty (PCR)
LICENSE your unique curriculum to educators WORLDWIDE.

Education Certification Viewing (ECV)
SHARE your credentials and expertise with employers for a fee.

Training and Education Records (TER
TRACK your work and professional continuing education.

Education Token Sponsorship (ETS)
GIVE BACK to the ODEM.IO network with full transparency of how your sponsorship is allocated and spent.

What is the main focus of the project right now?

The main focus is to work with our early adopters through the Alfa stage of our tech development and prepare for our product launch in February 2019. It’s also very important for us to continue to build awareness and our ecosystem network of educators, corporations and other related education resources to provide the best positive outcomes for every student that visits the ODEM marketplace for educational purposes.

Is your team local or global?

Global. We are based in Zug, Switzerland, offices in San Francisco, Boston, Beijing, looking to expand in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

What is the target audience of ODEM?

Target Audience is students, educators, corporations, other education Institutions, and Government bodies.

ODEM has expanded blockchain’s reach beyond the bounds of just the financial market. It puts the revolutionary technology to a good use by focusing on the education sector. Quality education was and still remains an issue at hand. ODEM tries to make it accessible to everyone without getting involved in the bounds of third parties. But as the market saturates and more such projects start springing up, it will be interesting to see how ODEM tackles the trials of time.

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