CEO of Nuls Explains the Main Use-Case of the Platform

Nuls is one of the blockchain-based projects that are seen floating around these days. It aims to revolutionize the industry of business and enterprise by the incorporation of the promising blockchain technology. But as most of the projects floating around provide similar use-cases, saturation in the crypto market has grown to much extent. Projects that provide redundant services and use-cases are not likely to survive the market saturation. So in order to get to know about the main use-case presented forward by Nuls, BlockPublisher got in touch with Liesa Huang, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the platform.

Liesa completely elaborated the main use-case offered by Nuls and stated:

“Cross-chain is a crucial part for NULS to develop Chain Factory and build the ecology. It provides a secure solution for one blockchain to connect with other chains in the same ecosystem, allowing interoperability and scalability without the need to compromise on privacy and security. Interoperability will be the key driving force behind the growth of the NULS ecosystem, allowing the free circulation of assets and value from chain to chain. The cross-chain solution enables companies to collaborate and grow together instead of competing for market share. Innovations can spread quickly in the platform, resulting in a truly global enterprise ecosystem which benefits all those who participate. It also widens the scope for cryptocurrency usability.”

Liesa emphasized the cross-chain feature that is offered by the Nuls platform. It opens up new doors for different companies to collaborate and co-operate with each other for growth and development. Further adding on to her statements, Liesa stated:

“Our Satellite Chain lies at the center of the NULS cross-chain solution, which organizes the cross communication. It is set to be a separate blockchain from the NULS main-net, and details of transfer from one chain to another will be stored in the Satellite Chain, ensuring accountability and security. The aim is to allow transfer and free circulation within the entire ecosystem. Blockchains which originate outside of the NULS ecosystem (Ethereum or Bitcoin based chains for example), will be able to join the system through different protocols.

With respect to use-cases, DApps are another important part, like Ethereum. With our smart contracts up for test and soon to be launched on the main-net, we’re expecting a lot of interesting DApps from our creative and innovative community. Right now, we are also planning a couple of blockathons in Australia, the US and South Korea. More details will be announced shortly, and we want brilliant developers to participate, and be on the lookout for NULS.”

The modular form offered by Nuls and its service of providing cross-chain communication definitely make the project stand out among the rest. Instead of forming its own little bubble, Nuls wants to expand its ecosystem and wants to make the platform as open as possible so that everyone can reap the benefits. It is certainly one project to look out for as we move forward in time.

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