Boy Meets Girl: A Blockchain Movie Affair

We here at Unfiltered bring you all there is in the blockchain world. Oh, how they’re so many use cases and promises made by this revolutionary technology. From healthcare to the porn industry, the blockchain technology has turned tables everywhere.

Today, we’re going to look at the entertainment side of things. By entertainment we mean, the movie industry. Let’s get real! We all love movie marathons with our friends over the weekend. Lot’s of popcorn, candy bars and soda. And, lots of calories. Just kidding!

So, what does it really mean for the movie industry? While, Netflix has become our life savior. Hollywood has always been reluctant to change and it’s still trying to push for it’s own video-on-demand services. While theater owners despise Netflix. But, we all love to Netflix and Chill!

We don’t blame them. That’s why we are not at all surprised that major studios have little to no say on the blockchain technology. It’s probably because the blockchain could possibly revolutionize the entertainment ecosystem. However the real question is. What does it mean for us? Buddy, you’ll have to keep on reading to find out!

No More Crappy Movies

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Aren’t we all tired of watching the same narrative over and over again? Boy meets girl. Girl Meets Boy. They fall in love. Only the boy gets to know he needs to save the world from evil forces because God knows for what reasons he is the chosen one! Ugh. BORING!!!!

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Well all these narratives, which by the way we’re all extremely fed of watching are revenue-driven reboots. You’ll be overjoyed to know that the blockchain technology can help. It’s gonna be a whole new blockchain movie affair!

The world is full of talented filmmakers with original and artsy ideas. However, the Hollywood is obsessed with algorithms which predict what type of movies will be a success based on the buying patterns of consumers. How unfair is that? So, if investment is acquired through blockchain the producers can easily bypass the studios altogether. This means all the original and premium quality content will get a chance to shine. No more crappy movies! YAY!

Watch All the Latest Movies

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Say whaaaaaat? The distribution of films and TV content is a legal pickle which results in distribution delays in the markets. Sometimes the content doesn’t make it to the market at all. Ever happened to you? Trust us, it really happens even today!

Did you know the number of titles accessible on Netflix varies from country to country?? A person in a small central European country might not have an access to a vast content as compared to someone living in the U.K. How freaking unfair. It’s 21st century for crying out loud.

The solution? You’ve guessed it. Blockchain! It will allow smooth digital rights management. Royalties, registrations and rights ownership’s can be tracked in a very secure and transparent manner. This will absolutely negate the need to delay a movies release based on geography. No matter who you’re and where you’re. You won’t feel left out!

Don’t you think the blockchain technology can do wonders for the movie industry? What are your thoughts? Comment below! We would love to know if you’re excited about this as much as we are! Cheers.

Maira Zaheer

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