All the Sex Themed Cryptocurrencies

The sex industry has been booming since the mid-2000s and is one of the profitable market on the planet earth. Now with the introduction of the blockchain technology the porn industry is getting an all new makeover. Many creators are into the technology for its decentralized business model and the customers get to stay anonymous. What more could one ask for? No one will know your dirty secrets this way!

Despite free porn being available over the internet, the customers prefer quality content and are willing to pay for it. The content providers look at this technology to earn money and for them it’s a solution for the issue of piracy which is quite popular in the domain.

Surely, the demand of blockchain technology has been massive. But, honestly not much has been done to cater the needs of this market. We wonder why? Well, people might be a tad bit busy with saving the economy right now! Aren’t we right? Or is this as important as saving the economy too?

But, guess what? Not all was lost last year. More than a dozen coin offerings that were aimed specifically at this segment. The platform was basically designed to promote an access to high-quality content and the elimination of piracy issues. Making possible quick payments and streamlined access as well.

All these sex themed cryptocoins have one moto, to make the porn industry better than ever before.


Its based on the blockchain technology and its fundamental aim is to tackle the core issues faced by the porn industry in the world today. It makes use of the decentralized system to eliminate the intermediaries who often take a small chunk from the total revenue generated.


It wants to revolutionize the porn-market by combining content from companies like IWantEmpire to provide the watchers with a library which is extremely vast and extensive. When it comes to its functionality, its pretty safe and secure.


A platform where the world of porn and virtual reality are amalgamated. Keeping in mind how the services is decentralized to its core, there absolute privacy for its customers. Currently, there are more than 500 VR videos. We’re seeing technology proliferate in front of our own eyes!


It’s a platform which is designed as a payment service to provide its users with vast quality content resources. There is a digitized payment protocol which makes it all happen and it is compatible with any service that uses a decentralized blockchain system. There are even mobile applications that allow purchases to be made using QR codes. We think, this one is a winner. What do you think?


It’s basically a social networking application that allow open-minded individuals to interact with one another so that they can create a vast array of sexual content. The decentralized network is good for creating and watching adult content as well.

Blockchain has taken over everything one by one. So, we are eagerly looking forward to see how this technology transforms the online sex industry!

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