Bounties Network Gives Developers A Unique Opportunity to Win DAI At ETH San Francisco Hackathon

Bounties Network based Ethereum profile API 3Box is giving participating developers at ETH San Francisco a chance to win 40 DAI stablecoins by sitting down with their team members for a 30-minute interview. The Ethereum developers will be asked about their DApp and its handling of user data in the interview by 3Box team members while also being queried about its reputation and identity.

As a reward, participating developers who show up for the interviews will be given 40 DAI. 3Box made the announcement for this initiative over Twitter, which the Bounties Network and ETH San Francisco shared. It said:

We’re offering 40 DAI to any developer at ETHSanFrancisco that wants to sit down with us for 30 minutes to talk about user data!

The requirements for the beginner level interview were defined by 3Box to be understanding of Ethereum Profiles API and interested candidates could submit their availability to them at the San Francisco event, along with their email address.

This is not the first such interactive involvement from the Bounties Network or any of its derivatives at this year’s ETH hackathon. They have previously announced of rewards of 0.04ETH for participants that report functionality bugs on the alpha.3box.io project and also 0.05ETH for participating in a 15-minute interview relating to the project which also included a user test of alpha.3box.io. The Bounties Network has also created a purpose built bounty network in ERC20 tokens for the ETH San Francisco. 

These initiatives come as part of their core belief towards blockchain community work. Having partnered ETHGlobal events before in iterations at ETHBerlin and ETHIndia, it is not surprising to see the Bounties Network involved in actively engaging the community at the ETH San Francisco edition. Talking to BlockPublisher, the platform revealed its principle that blockchain work is community work while revealing further partnerships. They said:

We believe that Blockchain work is community work – engaging communities, adding value and incentivizing collaboration is what we’re all about. We’ve run similar activations at @ETHBerlin, @ethindiaco and will expand to @ethstatus #cryptolife & #devcon4

The full announcement from the 3Box team about the interview and 40 DAI rewards can be found here.

Razi Khan

Researcher, Electrical Engineer and a teacher, Razi is one who takes great intrigue in the prospects of blockchain and cryptocurrencies (BTC in particular) while contributing a critical approach over the subject regularly. Contact the editor at editor.news@blockpublisher.com

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