Begin the Opera – Crypto & Blockchain Recap: 14th December 2018

We all know that the world of crypto and blockchain moves like a flash of light. Developments are being made in this world day in and day out. Here are some of the recent happenings of this world that you probably need to know about.

Begin the Opera

Recently, one of the well-renowned internet browsers, Opera, released its Web 3-ready web browser for Android. With the help of this version, access to a cryptocurrency wallet has been made easier as the browser now supports a built-in cryptocurrency wallet.

The browser was previously in beta and supported ether and other tokens which were using the ERC-20 standard. Support for ERC-721 crypto collectibles and ethereum-based dApps has also been integrated into the app. With the growing demand, the company decided to pump up the gas on beta and make it more full-fledged.

As we move forward with developments being made in the crypto world, it is expected that access to cryptos will be made much easier for normal users.

Basis Shuts Down

The project that was behind the Basis stablecoin has now declared that it is closing down all of its activities owing to the current regulatory framework that is deployed in the world in the United States. The company aims at returning the investors their funds in the upcoming days.

The startup was essentially facing troubles with the regulatory framework. The founder of the project Nader Al-Naji also said in a blog post that the company tried to find alternative ways within the current regulatory framework in order to keep the product compelling and competitive, but it couldn’t.

This comes off as a big news for the crypto world. Let’s see how other projects tackle this situation of regulation as we move forward.

No Winter for Blockstack

While there is a bear run going on in the market and various projects are trying to find out ways to remain well-funded, Blockstack is having no such apparent difficulty. The NY-based startup nearly raised $54 million as a result of Series A round investments and token sale in 2016 and 2017.

Recently, the board of directors of Blockstack unlocked roughly $25 million of the total funding raised. This was done after the project surpassed its target of getting the blockchain network up and running with actual users. The lockup feature has essentially provided a protection fabric to the investors of the project. With different projects struggling with their finances, this sure seems to be a very wise move made by Blockstack.

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