Blockchain This Week, from Attacks to Revolutionary Features

SIM Swap Attacks Took Jason Anthony Williams

Cryptocurrency, along with innovation and bright side, has paved way for steals and thefts. Since the introduction of cryptocurrency to the world, we have been seeing several attacks on people’s crypto assets and among them, one of the most noticeable is a SIM swap which can occur to any phone owner. Jason Anthony Williams, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets and the CEO of the project PRTI Inc. was a victim of SIM swap attack. In this type of attack, the hacker redirects the phone activity of a user to another device and as most of the time phone verification methods are enabled by users, hackers get their hands to the crypto wallets of people. Jason lost his cryptocurrency of million dollars worth due to SIM swap attack.

Mati Greenspan Predicts 2019 to be Great for Blockchain

Mati Greenspan is a senior market analyst of eToro. He concluded that last year was pretty good for blockchain and bitcoin. Besides that, he thinks that this year would be promising for the blockchain and bitcoin as well. He said that he couldn’t exactly tell about the approach of companies toward blockchain but he stated that he couldn’t think of reasons for companies to not adopt blockchain. Regarding Facebook adopting blockchain, he revealed that they have a new blockchain department.

Blockchain is Behind Crypto Because it Tracks Non-monetary Assets

Blockchain technology is the technology behind all the cryptocurrencies. But even then, we often witness that cryptocurrency is always the hot topic, much more than blockchain. To get to know a better insight about this situation, the opinion of Greg Misiorek, a member at BIS LLC, was sought. Greg suggested that as blockchain is involved mostly in the tracking of non-monetary assets and didn’t have prices or tokens, it is obvious that crypto had more fame than blockchain.

Blockchain and Crypto are Separate Entities

Blockchain and crypto are often confused by many people. They are considered as interchangeable terms although, in reality, they both represent and possess different concepts and meanings. One possible explanation of this confusion could be the fact that, in the beginning, bitcoin was a blockchain but later it evolved to the cryptocurrency. Greg Misiorek, a member at BIS LLC, provided a comparison of both, blockchain and cryptocurrency. He stated that while blockchain had admins and sponsors, both, crypto and blockchain, are permissionless and were open access.

Blockchain has Game-changing Features

Jason Anthony Williams is the co-founder and general partner of Morgan Creek Digital. While talking to BlockPublisher, he compared the journey of blockchain with the journey of the internet that he witnessed when he was a college student. He highlighted the ability of blockchain to allow transactions and provide privacy to information as the game-changing attributes. He extended the praise of blockchain by associating the potential possibilities blockchain can contribute to the healthcare sector. According to him, blockchain is capable of bringing revolutionary transformation to the healthcare sector.

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