Blockchain Right Now is Like the Internet in the 90s, Co-Founder & General Partner Morgan Creek Digital

Blockchain is emerging out as the technology of the future at a very rapid pace but overall, this world is still pretty nascent. It is evolving with each passing day and with the prospects that it provides, it surely possesses the potential to revamp various sectors of life.

BlockPublisher recently got in touch with co-founder and general partner of Morgan Creek Digital Jason Anthony Williams for a quick interview as he shared his opinions regarding the world of blockchain and crypto.

Jason was all praise regarding the prospects that this nascent technology puts forward. He emphasized on the revolutions that it can bring in various sectors of life, including healthcare, and implied that this world is still in its evolutionary phase.

In reply to the question regarding his opinions about this tech, he said:

I think that blockchain technology is revolutionary. I think for me, I’m old enough to have experienced the internet as a young adult. I was in college when it took off. I was a freshman in college, 1994, I started to see personal computers in dorm rooms and things like A.O.L and I didn’t have the resources to invest in it, although I recognized the opportunity and how big the internet was. I mean if you go back to that time, this is gonna sound really silly, but people were contemplating information sharing on the internet, transactions on the internet, purchasing goods and services on the internet. You know, someday buying your groceries on the internet. E-commerce didn’t exist.

Jason compared the current stage of blockchain technology with the internet of the 90s. When the internet was in its evolutionary phase, people could only think about the possibilities that it might bring. The above-mentioned things were only imaginary at that time. But now we see them happening. It has truly transformed our lives.

Jason pointed out how the travel industry has transformed as a result of the internet. Back in the day, traveling involved a lot of hectic procedure. Travel agents had to be involved and the entire procedure was quite a mess. A lot of overhead costs were associated. The Internet has transformed all of that and traveling has been made much easier in the modern day. Similarly, on a micro level, Uber has changed the way how we commute. The internet has truly evolved as something that can touch various aspects of human life one can only imagine. Same is the case with blockchain technology. It will only become clear how it affects various industries and sectors of life as the time passes by and it matures.

Jason further said:

Transactions built on blockchain and the ability to protect private information is the next game changer to me. So now, as I sit here talking to you, I’m as excited as that opportunity showing itself. My background is in healthcare and when I start to dream about the things you can do with cryptographic technologies and blockchain technologies around healthcare in protecting medical information, creating electronic medical records that are universal, that don’t have costs, that are protected by multiple biometric moments to democratize health care records, so if I’m in Pakistan and I get sick, the doctors there can access my medical record here in Duke University, that is huge and so important! So, I’m really excited about investing and building those new companies specifically in the healthcare space using blockchain technology.

Jason pointed out how the healthcare industry can be transformed if blockchain technology is used in this arena. Accessing health records of patients across various hospitals not only in a country but around the globe can truly prove itself to be revolutionary. We are already seeing platforms that follow this idea emerging out in the blockchain arena. This tech surely does possess the potential to become game-changing in the healthcare sector.

Jason was also of the view that blockchain can help use revolutionize governmental operations. Talking about how blockchain could change elections for better, he said:

I mean think about the election fraud we have here in the United States. I can only imagine the level of fraud that you see all over the world. Imagine being able to cryptographically prove every voter and every station has been counted. It’s so important for humanity.

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