Blockchain Last Week, from Battles to Failures

The Great Battle of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of things (IoT) and Blockchain

Blockchain Expo North America 2018, which is a two-day event, is a chapter of Blockchain World Series. Overall, Blockchain World Series consists of three events. The other two events include Blockchain Expo Europe and Blockchain Expo Global. The aim of these events is to promote enterprise technologies. A vast number of companies and startups attended the event in order to explain the use of technology in their businesses. While demonstrating the functionality, it was seen that vendors opted for one of the technologies, AI, IoT or blockchain, and explained its use in their business. Ken Dong, the adviser for YouDeal and the founder of IyueDan, suggested the use of AI and blockchain in a combination as the best approach to move forward.

Decentralization of Trust is the Primary Innovation for Blockchain Technology

Leon White, the marketing head of a cryptocurrency Dash, shared his views for the blockchain technology. According to him, the core benefit of blockchain technology is that it allows decentralization of trust. Leon stated that this decentralization worked very differently as compared to the social model adopted by corporations and the governments. Leon suggested that internet left the progress at a point so blockchain should carry forward the progress from that point. Moreover, he thinks that the technology should be built and developed in an open and free environment so that corporates are also able to avail the benefits of blockchain technology.

Startups Lacking Product, Strategy and Value of Proposition, will Collapse

The founder of Cardano and chief operating officer at Input Output Hong Kong, Charles Hoskinson shared his take on the blockchain technology. He predicted that most of the startups are likely to collapse when the market shifts. He added that the startups who didn’t offer a viable product or value proposition are probable to wash-out whereas the strong and dominant ones will continue to excel to become Facebook and Google of the future. Charles explained that with no product and no strategy, the startup shouldn’t be worthy of anything.

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