Technologies Battle at Blockchain Expo North America 2018

Recently, Blockchain Expo North America 2018 was organized by Encore Media Group at Santa Clara Convention Centre that is located in San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, West Coast. Blockchain Expo North America, a two-day event, is one of the three conferences of Blockchain World Series. Apart from Blockchain Expo North America, Blockchain World Series comprises of Blockchain Expo Europe and Blockchain Expo Global. These conferences focus on the future of enterprise technologies, therefore, this blockchain event shares the platform with other technologies as well, besides blockchain, in order to find some common ground of convergence with them.

Other technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) were part of the recent Blockchain North America 2018 conference. As the conference constituted vendors who were the proponent of different technologies, the conference provided an opportunity for vendors to share their experience with the technology they used for solutions. The founder of IyueDan, Ken Dong, who is also the chief adviser of YouDeal, talked to BlockPublisher to share his take on these latest technologies. He believed that, now, blockchain capabilities matched with the potential of AI. So, therefore, he was inquired if either blockchain replacing AI or uniting with AI was the best way. To this, he replied:

A combination of the two is probably the best way forward.

At the conference, the vendor of each technology propagated the application of the technology. AI vendors centered the focus around image recognition. IoT vendors at the expo inclined their focus to the hardware devices that included industrial sensors and actuators. The blockchain vendors mostly revolved around their startups and the fall of the bitcoin market.

Several startups who adopted one of the technologies explained about the use of it in their enterprises. According to the founder and president of Agile Digital Transformation analyst firm Intellyx, Jason Bloomberg, these three distinct technologies do share a common ground. Jason explained that the common thread among these three technologies, data, is the livelihood of an enterprise. He also stated that business value, rather overhyped technology, should be the focus and data is important contributor for value.


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